Advice given to Baba Har Rai by Satguru Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj

"Live in peace and blessedness of divine power. Avoid confrontation and war with the Mughal rulers, and other neighbouring Hindu States. Try your utmost to maintain peaceful relations with your bitterest political opponents. Do not hastily take up arms against those who provoke hostility, and in case of unavoidable collision, let not the area of hostility be widened. While you must do your utmost to maintain peaceful relations with all political forces, you must always keep the Sikhs in defence-preparedness, in the city-state of Kiratpur. You should thus give firm security to religious, cultural and political existence of the Sikh people. For this purpose you must maintain the present minimum strength of the Sikh army of two thousand and two hundred well-trained and well-equipped horsemen," said Satguru Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, our beloved sixth Guru, to his fourteen year old grandson and successor designate, Baba Hari Rai Sahib Ji, five days before Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, was given the guruship.

The sagacious heir apparent, Baba Hari Rai Sahib Ji, prophetically inspired BY the blessings of his grandfather, and confident of the immense responsibility he was shouldering, reverently accepted the advice, but humbly asked, "If the Mughal armies mounted an attack on us with massive forces on some aggressive pretext or the other, and in the frantic intoxication of their imperial power and armed strength, refuse to listen to words of peace, what should I do then, dear Grandfather? What is your divine command and counsel to face such a situation? Should we remain peaceful and non-violent in the face of such an onslaught or should we resist iT with all the power at our command?"

"In such circumstances", said Satguru Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, "do not hesitate to fight relentlessly for your religious and political freedom. Fear not the armed strength and political power of Imperial forces. The grace and divine protection of Guru Nanak is ever with you. The enemy forces will fade before your courageous resistance, as the fog vanishes before the light of the sun. The eternal Spirit and Light of Guru Nanak is in your heart and soul. You have the apostalic power of the pontific throne of Guru Nanak. Fear not any temporal power. The despotic armies which attack you may come with the thunder of unexpected hailstorm, but they will also disappear like hailstones melting in the face of fire."

Translated from - Sarup Das Bhalla: Mehma Prakash pg 535



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