Alayar and Sri Guru Amar Das Ji

A rich Muslim horse dealer named alayar, a native of Delhi, who had returned from Arabia though Kabul with five hundred horses, arrived at the Bias. He had intended to proceed to his native city, where he hoped to find a good market, but was unable continue his journey as the river was flooded, and the boatmen did not think their boats where sufficiently strong to withstand the current. The following morning he saw Bhai Paro, on his way to the Guru as usual, plunge his horse into the foaming river and reach the opposite shore in safety. The horse dealer met him on his return and complimented him on the feat he had performed.

Bhai Paro said that there was nothing wonderful about his crossing a swollen river. The true Guru, to wholm he daily went to do homage, caused thousands of souls to swim across the still more dangerous ocean of the world. Alayar was anxious to behold so great a being, so he arranged with Paro on the next occasion to sit behind him on his horse, and thus cross the river and visit the Guru with him.

Alayar was delighted on seeing the Guru, hearing his words, and witnessing the devotion of his Sikhs. Filled with enthusiasm and humility he mentally desired th Guru’s leavings. The Guru divined his wish and offered him the dish from which he had eaten. The Guru’s attention was then attracted to his name, and he said, ‘It is difficult to become the friend (yar) of God (allah) but I will make God your master and you, his servant’.

Thus, Alayar was made a priest and freed from all doubts, evil passions, and inclinations. He henceforth drew no distinction between Hindus and Muslims, and continued as he had begun, a model of humility and divine fervour. Guru Ji in due time sent him to a place called Devantal, where the saints resided. His trade in horses was undertaken by his son. Alayar’s family ultimately settled down in Dalla where lived Bhai Paro and Bhai Lalo and other devoted servants of the Guru. Muslims of every rank accepted and reverenced Alayar under the name of Ala Shah as a pious priest.


Satguru is amazing, he can turn a sinner into a saint just like that...




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