Baba Banda Singh Jee In Kahiloor

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur (Baba Gurbaksh Singh jee) was one of the greatest general in the Sikh history. For many invalid reasons, he does not enjoy the respect and honour that he deserves amongst the Sikhs. He is the one who showed the Sikhs in general that the Pathaan, Moghul or Muslim fighters are not invincible and that the Mughals can be uprooted. He spoke with the tyrants of that time, the language they understood i.e. the language of the sword. He avenged the shahidee of sahibzaadas by punishing the offenders.

He along with his very dedicated companions, conquered a great part of present day Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Himachal Pardesh. He was a very devout Sikh and was a very accomplished Sikh. He was a Sikh of high spiritual stage and Guru Sahib had given him so much power that whatever he said, came true.

Here is a very little heard saakhi to prove how great he was. After conquering Punjab, he moved on to punish the Hill Chieftains who had helped the Mughals against Dhan Guru Gobind Singh jee. He approached Kahiloor area of Hills. Baba jee had in his mind all the atrocities that the Kahiloor kingdom had committed against the Sikhs. He sent a notice to the king of Kahiloor to surrender before the Sikhs.

Hearing the notice of Baba jee, the king of Kahiloor replied back saying that it was impossible for the Sikhs to conquer his kingdom as it was located at very high altitude. He further said that this area was blessed with the Devis (Hindu Goddesses) and that the Sikhs did not have power to reach there.

Baba jee was full of spiritual shakti. Hearing his arrival, the people of Hill kingdoms flocked to him and all of them got their wishes like having children, money and other problems fulfilled. The King of Kahiloor got very jealous of Baba jee and sent forth representatives to talk to Banda jee.

During the conversation between the representatives from Kahiloor and Baba jee, the reps started talking highly of their army. They said that the peasants of Punjab were no match for the sophisticated warriors of their kingdom. Hearing this, Baba jee came in Bir Rass. He replied with full confidence that he was ready to accept their challenge and asked them to have a one on one fight.

They readily accepted it and at this Baba jee told them that only one Singh would fight against their 5 warriors. They asked Baba jee what Baba jee would give in return if he lost. At this Baba jee told them that he would give them abundant money and leave them alone. Then they asked Baba jee what he expected them to do if they lost. At this Baba jee said that Khalsa does not take anything from anyone. He said that he could take whatever he wishes through Satguru jee.

The reps of the kingdom left and returned the next day with giant looking 5 warriors. Along with them came a small group of army. Now Baba jee decided to choose a singh to fight the giant warriors. He asked 5 Singhs to get together and let him know who should be sent to fight. The five Singhs, looked at one ordinary looking Singh, whose name was Bhai BaaghaR Singh. They recommended that singh for the competition. They placed their hand on his back and asked him to go. Baba jee too placed his hand on his back. As soon as they placed their hands on his back, Bhai BaaghaR Singh felt a surge of power in his inside.

With this new power Bhai BaaghaR Singh jee excitingly offered to fight not 5 but 500 soldiers alone. He came right in front of the five chosen warriors of the opponent party, and forwarded his right foot. He asked them if anyone of them could move his foot. Hearing this the advocates (reps) who had come with the enemy side, told his warriors not to touch his foot as it was a trick to get them to touch his feet and thus humiliate them.

At this BaaghaR Singh jee said that they will have to fall at his feet anyway. One of the warriors moved his hand forward at Bhai Baaghar Singh jee. Bhai Baaghar Singh jee too moved his hand forward and their hands locked. They were both trying to squeeze each other’s hands. In a few moments, the opponent of Bhai BaaghaR Singh jee started crying with pain. Bhai Baaghar Singh jee had crushed his hand and reduced it to nothing.

Then began the battle between the remaining warriors and Bhai BaaghaR Singh jee. Eventually, all five lay in the feet of Bhai BaaghaR Singh jee.




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