Bawa Wali Qandharn and Guru Ji

After travelling through Arabia and many other countries, the Guru returned to the Punjab. In due course, he reached a place called Hassan Abdal. It is about fifty kilometers from Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

He halted there at the foot of a hill. Soon, people began to gather around him. He talked to them of God. He told them of their duty to him and to his children. More and more people began to gather around him every day.

On the top of that hill, there lived a Muslim fakir. His name was Bawa Wali Qandhari. His house was near a spring of fresh water. The water collected there in a small tank. From there it flowed down to the town. It was used by the people for all their needs. The people had no water from any other place.

Wali Qandhari was a proud man. He saw people gathering around Guru Nanak. Very few people came to him on the hill now. This made up his mind to punish them. He stopped the spring water from flowing down to the town.

The people became very sad. How could they and their cattle live without water! A group of them went to Bawa Wali Qandhari. They begged him to let the water flow down as before. But he said angrily, "Got to him. Ask him to give you water."

They went to the Guru. They told the whole story to him. He said to them, "Don't lose heart. Trust in God. He will not let you die of thirst. Bawa Wali Qandhari's anger will cool. He will feel pity for you all."

The Guru then said to Bhai Mardana, "Go and appeal to Bawa Wali Qandhari in the name of God. Request him to let the water flow down to the town."

Bhai Mardana went to Bawa Wali Qandihari shouted angrily, "Go back to him. Ask him to give water to the people there."

Bhai Mardana returned to the Guru. He told him the whole story. The Guru told him to go to the fakir once again. "Beg him," he said, "in the name of God to have pity on the people."

Bhai Mardan obeyed. But the fakir paid no attention to his appeals. Bhai Mardana returned to the Guru. He told him of his failure. The Guru sent him once again. But again he came back with the same story.

The people became very worried. The Guru said to them, "Don't lose heart, good people. God is great and merciful. He can make springs flow where He likes. Let us all pray to Him." They all prayed with them. Then he lifted a stone. At once, a stream of cool, clean water began to flow. It washed the Guru's feet. It then flowed towards the town. The people were filled with joy.

At the same time, Bawa Wali Qanhari's spring dried up. He was red with anger. He pushed a large rock towards the Guru. He thought that it would fall on the Guru . It would crush him to death. It came rolling down towards the Guru. He quietly raised his hand. The rock struck it and stopped. A print of the Guru's hand made on the rock. The rock still exists. There is a beautiful gurdwara at that place.

It is called Panja Sahib or the Holy Hand Print. Bawa Wali Qundhari's pride was broken. He came down and fell at the Guru's feet. The Guru said to him, "Rise brother fakir. Live as lovers of God should live. Be kind to all." He then explained to him his golden rules of life and religion. Bawa Wali Qandhari agreed to live and act according to those rules.




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