Bhagat Kabir Ji And The Naked Faqir

Bhagat Kabir Ji kept his mind continually fixed on God, and worked sufficiently to maintain himself and his family.

One day, as he was standing in the marketplace selling cloth, a faqir came and begged for some cloth to cover himself. Bhagat Kabir Ji offered him half the cloth he had for sale. The faqir replied that that was not enough. Upon this Bhagat Kabir Ji gave him the whole.

Bhagat Kabir Ji then reflected that his mother and family were waiting for the price of the cloth, and how could he return to them with empty hands ? He therefore decided to conceal himself and not return home. His people became very anxious regarding him.

In the meantime God put it into the heart of a corn-merchant to take ox-loads of food of every description to Bhagat Kabir Ji's house, so that his family might not suffer during his absence.

Bhagat Kabir Ji's mother strenuously resented the offering, and said, 'My son will not take even a single grain of corn from any one. Who are you who throw such a quantity of provisions at my door?'

The merchant, however, did not listen to her, but leaving all the provisions took his departure. Two or three men then went in quest of Bhagat Kabir Ji, and brought him home. When he saw the unexpected supplies and heard the circumstances, he knew it was all due to the kindness of God, and became highly pleased and grateful to the Giver. He then sent for some saints and distributed what he had received among them.




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