Bhai Bhikha And Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj

A Sultanpur bard named Bhai Bhikha decided to retire from the World so that he could search for creator, Waheguru. Whenever he heard of any Saint he went and waited on them. He would do alot of seva for these Saints. For a long time he remained as a pupil of a Brahman, without obtaining any peace of mind.

One day Bhai Bhikha began to cry and wondered why he had not progressed spiritually. He prayed to Waheguru, to guide him and let him met a true saint, so that he could obtain salvation. Upon this he was told to go to Goindwal to go and see the king of the world, the guru that everyone was speaking about, Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj.

Bhai Bhikha started on his journey to Goindwal, full of devotion and praises for his beloved Lord. He was so happy that he was finally going to meet, someone who could carry him across this world ocean. He stood absorbed in thought for a short time, and then sang the following in praise of Satguru Ji:

"By the Guru's divine knowledge and meditation man's soul is blended with Waheguru. He, who with single mind fixes his attention on Waheguru, shall know him who is the truest of true. His mind shall not fly or wander who restrains his lust and anger. He who dwells in Waheguru's land and obeys his sweet order shall obtain wisdom. He who has done good works in this age shall know Waheguru. If a Guru be found he willingly and cheerfully grants a sight of him.

I have continued searching for a saint and I have seen many holy men - Sayasis, ascetics, and sweet voiced pandits - I have roamed for one whole year, but non of these have satisfied me. I heard what they had to say, but I was not pleased with their conduct. What shall I say of the merits of those who renouncing Waheguru's name and who attach themselves to mammon? Waheguru has caused me to meet the Guru of the world; as you, O Waheguru, keep me, so I abide to your sweet hukam."

Hearing Bhai Bhikha's words Satguru Ji put his hand on his forehead in token of accepting him as a disciple. Satguru Ji gave Bhai Bhikha the true Name, and made him happy. Having found the True Guru, Bhikha returned to his native town and lived there for the rest of his days. Keeping this image of Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Maharaj in his heart, he applied himself to meditation and contemplations.

This Shabad is by Bhatt Jal Jaalap in Svaiyay Mehl 5 on Ang 1394 of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

guru Amrdwsu prsIAY puhim pwiqk ibnwsih ]
guru Amrdwsu prsIAY isD swiDk Awswsih ]
guru Amrdwsu prsIAY iDAwnu lhIAY pau muikih ]
guru Amrdwsu prsIAY ABau lBY gau cuikih ]
ieku ibMin dugx ju qau rhY jw sumMiqR mwnvih lih ]
jwlpw pdwrQ ieqVy gur Amrdwis ifTY imlih ]5]14]

gur amaradhaas paraseeai puham paathik binaasehi ||
gur amaradhaas paraseeai sidhh saadhhik aasaasehi ||
gur amaradhaas paraseeai dhhiaan leheeai po mukihi ||
gur amaradhaas paraseeai abho labhai go chukihi ||
eik bi(n)n dhugan j tho rehai jaa suma(n)thr maanavehi lehi ||
jaalapaa padhaarathh eitharrae gur amaradhaas ddit(h)ai milehi ||5||14||

Meeting with Guru Amar Daas, the earth is purged of its sin.
The Siddhas and seekers long to meet with Guru Amar Daas.
Meeting with Guru Amar Daas, the mortal meditates on the Lord, and his journey comes to its end.
Meeting with Guru Amar Daas, the Fearless Lord is obtained, and the cycle of reincarnation is brought to an end.
Realizing the One Lord, love of duality ceases, and one comes to accept the Sublime Mantra of the Guru.
So speaks Jaalap: countless treasures are obtained, by the sight of Guru Amar Daas.




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