Bhai Jetha Jee

Guroo Amar Das' elder daughter, Dani, was married to a pious Sikh named Rama. His younger daughter, Bibi Bhani, was married to Jetha who was also most devoted to serving the Guroo and his Sikhs. A gathering of followers came to the Guroo and said, " Both Rama and Jetha are equally related to you and both perform works with great devotion. Although Rama is older, you seem to favor Jetha. Would you please tell us why?" The Guroo said, "I am looking for the one who serves with greater faith, devotion, humility, and obedience. I am going to make a trial of Jetha and Rama; whoever fulfils my wishes the best will be the worthier of the two."

The Guroo sat next to the sacred tank and called the two men. He ordered each of them to make a platform for him to sit on, one for the morning and the other for the evening. He said that whoever did the better work would receive the greater honour. They began working and after a time finished the platforms. Rama bowed to the Guroo and showed him his platform; he thought he had done a very good job. The Guroo looked at the platform and said," It's crooked. Tear it down and build another." Rama said that he had tried very hard to make a beautiful platform to please the Guroo. The Guroo said he was sure this was so; still, he was not satisfied. Rama built a second platform, yet this one also failed to please the Guroo. Rama tore it down, but refused to build a third one. He mumbled, "The Guroo has grown old, he must be senile." The Guroo replied, "Rama does not know how to obey, how can he lead others as the Guroo?"

The Guroo then went over to Jetha's platform and, treating him in the same manner, said, "Your platform does not please me; tear it down and build another." At once, Jetha tore the platform down and built it again. When he had finished, the Guroo said he was still dissatisfied and asked him to do it again. Over and over he ordered Jetha to rebuild the platform, so that he had to work all day and all night. Finally, after Jetha had rebuilt the platform for the seventh time, the Guroo looked at him and said, "As this platform pleases me, so do you. As you have obeyed my order seven times, so shall seven generations of yours sit on the Guroo's throne."

Turning to his Sikhs, the Guroo said, "I have tested both of my son-in-laws. You have seen why Jetha is my most beloved. He is a perfect being who has come to save mankind." Soon after, the Guroo bestowed the spiritual crown on Jetha. Thereafter, he was called by his given name, Ram Das, and became the fourth Sikh Guroo, Guroo Ram Das.




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