Bibi Susheel Kaur - The Embodiment Of Sikhi

Little is known about this great Sikh bibi. She was born in a royal family and was the princess of kingdom of Chamba. Her father Raja Udai Singh of Chamba brought her up like a princess but she experienced the most gruesome realities in her life. Her sacrifice is supreme. She showed the world how precious Sikhi is. Sikhi is more precious than our life, our possessions and our family.

Bibi Susheel Kaur jee was born to the royal family of Chamba Desh that believed in the house of Guru Nanak Dev jee from two or three generations. This family was especially close to Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee.

We all know that the kingdom of Kahilaur played a very bad role in the Anandpur battles. The kings of this kingdom Bhim Chand and Ajmer Chand were instrumental in inciting the Mughals to evict Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee from Siri Anandpur Sahib.

When Baba Banda Singh (Baba Gurbaksh Singh jee) came in power, he attacked the kingdom of Kahilaur to punish the king of that kingdom. Eventually, Ajmer Chand, begged before Khalsa for mercy and Banda Singh let him go.

Around this time king Udai Singh of Chamba asked Baba Banda Singh jee to accept the hand of his daughter for him. Baba jee asked the Punj Pyaare to decide on this. After considering everything the Punj Pyaare gave their approval for the hand of King’s daughter for Baba jee. We learn from this incident that when making major decision of our life, we should consult the elder singhs (and singhanis) of our area for advice.

She was administered Khanday daa Amrit and named Bibi Susheel Kaur. After amrit chhak, her natural beauty was greatly enhanced by the effect of Naam and Gurbani. In late 1710 or early 1711, she and Baba Banda Singh jee Bahadur were tied in a marital relationship through Anand Kaaraj.

Some historians mention that Baba jee was prohibited from getting married but if we look at this from the Gurmat point of view, we will have to agree that our Guru Sahibaan always encouraged marital life (grehasth jeevan). All our Guru Sahibaan were married (except Siri Guru Harkishen Sahib jee Maharaaj). So it seems highly unlikely that Guru Sahib would stop Baba jee from getting married. Another way of looking at this is that if Guru Sahib had indeed stopped Baba jee from getting married, Baba jee would not have agreed to the marriage. He was not an ordinary person. He was a great Sikh and did not falter even when still-pumping heart of his son Ajay Singh was put in his mouth. How can we expect such great mahapurakh to falter just for marriage.

Coming back to Bibi jee, she had all the qualities of a gursikh. She was brought up in a royal family like a princess but after getting married to Baba jee, she faced all the hardships that befell on her, with the same Khalsa spirit as her husband. In all the accomplishments of Baba Banda Singh jee, she played a crucial role.

Bibi jee learned the martial art of Khalsa and soon became a skilled fighter. She participated in many battles, along with her husband. She used to lead in doing sewa in langar. After marriage Baba jee stayed in the hill area for about 2.5 years. He constructed a 50 feet tall seat there and he (or other teachers) used to sit on that seat and train Singhs for war. The Singhs used to practice martial arts all day or do Naam baani. They did only two things in their stay in the hill area – battle with their mind through Naam and battle with the neighbouring kingdoms and other tyrants when required.

Bibi Susheel Kaur jee gave birth to a beautiful son – Ajay Singh. He was born abound 1712 or late 1711. Baba jee did not fall in the trap of attachment after his marriage and not even after his son was born. He actively took part in all the battles he fought and Bibi jee too participated with him, most of the times.

The last battle of Baba jee was at Gurdasnangal. Bibi jee and her son were along with Baba jee in this battle. They all got trapped in the fort of Gurdasnangal. Abdul Samund Khan who was leading this battle had to face fierce resistance from the Singhs. Thousands of Singhs and Mughals gave their lives in this battle. After about 9 months (some say 6 months) of fighting, the Singhs were captured alive. They had no food left and were caught alive. Most were martyred but about 700 were captured alive. Baba jee, Bibi Susheel Kaur jee and their beautiful, sweet and innocent son - Ajay Singh - were caught alive.

All the singhs were paraded to Delhi. Bibi jee and her son were taken to the Harem of Farukhsiyaar, the Mughal emperor. In the Harem, Bibi jee was tortured using new techniques everyday. After torturing and hurting her, they would try to cajole and coax her into becoming a Muslim and getting married to Farukhsiyaar or other Muslim person, but Dhan was our pyaaree vadee bhain Bibi Susheel Kaur jee. Bibi jee was mentally tortured by narrating tales of tortures they inflicted on the Singhs. For one week, they tortured Singhs to shaheedi. Everyday they used to martyr 100 Singhs and it took a week to martyr 700 Singhs.

When Bibi jee refused to bow to their demands to adopt Islam and marry Farukhsiyaar (the Mughal Emperor), they snatched away her innocent 4 years old child – Ajay Singh. They took him to his father and right in front of his father, they cut open his chest and took out his heart. Then they forced this heart in the mouth of Baba Banda Singh jee Bahadur (Kaaka Ajay Singh’s father). Dhan was Baba jee who did not cry or moan. He stayed still and his surtee (concentration) stayed focussed on his master – Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj. Finally they hacked him to death and cut every part of his body before martyring him.

Bibi Susheel Kaur jee, with great Gurmukhee patience, listened to the news of her husband’s and son’s shaheedi. She stayed calm and still refused to bow before the Mughals. In the end, they threatened to rape her and force her a degraded life of a prostitute. Bibi jee was not armed and could not fight back. She knew that sooner or later, she would fall victim to the dirty eyes of the Mughals. She recognised their dirty eyes and could not even imagine another man touching her sacred body. She felt that she had no option but to take her own life. She grabbed opportunity and took her life with a table knife. The Mughal dream of humiliating the Singhs by converting the wife of their leader Baba Banda Singh jee Bahadur, into Islam, got crushed. Bibi jee defeated their intentions by sacrificing herself.

Bibi jee was born as a princess of Raja Udai Singh of Chamba Desh and died as a princess of Guru Gobind Singh jee of Sachkhand. She led an exemplary life that our bibiyaan today can follow. Dear sisters, give up the wrong practices and adopt the Khalsa Rehit. Give up your fashions and wear the crown (dastaar) of Guru Gobind Singh and this way become princesses of Guru Gobind Singh jee. Is there a better option than this? Don’t delay anymore. Adopt the Khalsa Rehit.

It is unfortunate that little is known about our great sisters and mothers who gave their lives for Khalsa Panth. What do we know about our sisters and mothers who had their children cut in small pieces at Lahore, for the sake of Sikhi? We don’t even know their names. All we know is that a group of bibiyaan sacrificed their lives, their children and their everything for the Sikhi of Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Our elders have shown us how precious Sikhi is. They gave everything they had including their soul, mind and body, to keep Guru jee’s precious Sikhi. We on the other hand are giving away Sikhi to collect worldly possessions and enjoy temporary worldly pleasures. There is no doubt that we have failed to pay our dues to Sikhi. May Guru Gobind Singh jee himself intervene and save his Khalsa Panth from destruction.




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