Darshan Of A Brahmgiyani

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One day Mata Gujree jee while doing paath at amritvela, asked her son Guru Gobind Singh jee if she could have darshan of a brahmgiyaani as described in the 8th Ashtpadi of Siri Sukhmani Sahib.

Guru Sahib replied saying that the brahmgiyani Sikh would be at Siri Anandpur by noon that day. After saying this to Mata jee, Guru Sahib asked Ram Kuyer jee who lived at Lahore at that time, to come to Anandpur Sahib before noon.

Now we all know that there were no phones or telegram system at that time. Guru Sahib sent him the hukam through aatma. Bhai Raam Kuyer jee heard the hukam of Guru Sahib from within and thought to himself that it was not possible to reach Sri Anandpur Sahib from Lahore using normal means, before noon.

So he used his shakti and arrived at Siri Anandpur Sahib in a split second and met Mata jee.

This event is recorded in Sooraj Parkaash Granth and many other granths.

Baba Raam Kuyer Ji was the great grandson of Pooran Brahmgyani Baba Budda Ji.




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