Definition Of A Holy Man: By Guru Nanak Dev Ji

A man called Kalu once came before Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and asked guru sahib for the definition of a holy man.

Guru Sahib said:

"Recognize him as holy in whom are to be found friend ship, sympathy, pleasure at the welfare of others, and dislike of evil company.

In the first place, the intentions of holy men are pure.

Secondly, they are pleased on hearing the praises of others.

Thirdly, holy men serve the virtuous.

Fourthly, they honour those who can impart to them learning and good counsel.

Fifthly, as there is a periodical craving for food or intoxicants, so they feel a craving for the Guru's word and for divine knowledge.

Sixthly, they love their wives, and renounce other women.

Seventhly, they avoid subjects from which quarrels may arise.

Eighthly, they serve those who are superior to themselves in devotion.

Ninthly, even if strong, they are not arrogant, and trample not on others.

Tenthly, they abandon the society of the evil, and only associate with the holy."




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