Definition Of Tapasya By Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj


It is the spiritual glow caused by concentration of intense meditation. The ardour of mind, restrained and concentrated, acquires power over things. To make ourselves pure metal we have to pass through the fires of discipline. We cannot be made anew unless we first become ashes. Akaal Purakh strips us of everything that we possess so that we may draw near to him.The usual translation of tapasya as penance is misleading. The concept of penance and mortification of the body by self-inflicting austerities, was introduced by Hatha yoga, Jains and extremist Buddhist monks. It is in a way supernormal energizing of consciousness in moral and spiritual life. In sikhi the words tapasya, jati(yati) sat (satya) are used in the context of Sikh doctrines, and have quite different connotation.

Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj defined tapasya to his beloved sikh, Bhai Prithi Mal thus:

(1) Restrain your eyes from looking at things and persons who detract you from noble thoughts, and concentrate on the study of Gurbani.
(2)Close your ears to calumny and illwill of other; never listen to evil minded criticism of others. Listen to the praise of Waheguru.
(3)Do not allow your tongue to indulge in falsehood and lies but use it for sweet speech, and praise of Waheguru.
(4)Do not use your hands for stealing or misappropriating other peoples property but use them for charity and service to the poor and needy.
(5)Let not your mind and body never be tired of meditating and contemplating Waheguru. This is tapasya according to Sikhi.




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