Gursikh Jeevan: Bhai Harcharan Singh Jee Ambala

By Bhai Trilok Singh jee Jalandhar in Soora Nov 1996
Translated by Admin

Beloved Bhai Harcharan Singh jee was called Baoo jee by his whole family. He was a resident of Ravalpindee and it was there that he met Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee. By the grace of Sangat and Guru, Baoo jee was peshed in the Jatha in 1932 and received the gift of amrit and engaged himself in the service of the Guru. Following the Guru's orders until his final days, through grace of Akaal Purakh, Baoo jee took care of his amrit vela as a most important commitment to his faith.

In Ravalpindee, Baoo jee was employed in the PWD and after Partition, he came and settled in Ambala Cantt. For some time he stayed in the home of Bhai Durlabh Singh jee and later he applied to get a house from the Cantonment Board. Many people were bringing influential people to put their requests through but Baoo jee relied only on Guru Sahib and kept doing naam. Finally Baoo jee was given a house where he spent the rest of his life. Santaa(n) kay kaaraj aap khaloiyaa har, ka(n)m karaavaN aaiaa raam .

Baoo jee was a might Naam Abhyaasee. For many hours he'd sit in one position and listen to keertan and sing along as well. From the start of a Ran Sabaaiee till the end, he would sit in one position and enjoy the nectar. Keertan was his love.

Baoo jee's wife, Bibi Amrit Kaur was the daughter of the great Sant Thandee Singh of Delhi. Bibi jee played a major role in helping Baoo jee keep his bibek and was always ready to serve. Bibi jee left this earth a few years before.

Baoo jee spent quite some time in the PWD as a head clerk and his job was to pass bills for construction projects. If he was like other people, Baoo jee would have taken bribes and made a palace for himself but by the Guru's grace he considered honest work to be most important and every month out of his hard earned money he was sure to give his dasvandh and only then gave the rest of the money to his family.

Later, Baoo jee was transferred to Kulu and here too he remained dedicated to the Guru and kept his amrit vela. Baoo jee didn't let anyone know about himself and for that reason, most of the Sangat did not know about him or his spritual state. But those who saw Baoo jee in keertan and the kirpaa that he received there, know what spiritual stages he was in.

Baoo jee would get up at 12.05 AM and then without letting any other member of the family know, would bathe and then begin his true work (naam).

Most Government workers retire at the age of 58 but due to his dedication and hard work, Baoo jee was granted a two-year extension and at the age of 60 retired in Kulu. Even though others pressured him to continue to work, Baoo jee insisted on spending the rest of his life serving the Guru.

Baoo jee developed a hernia later in life. He did not want to remove any hair and so would not even listen to suggestions of an operation. For quite some time, Baoo jee tied a belt around his waist to handle the situation but later the discomfort increased and he agreed to have an operation done. By coincidence Baoo jee's cousin was a senior doctor in a Delhi hospital and Baoo jee told him that he wanted an operation without removal of any hair. The Doctor expressed his inability to do this but agreed to speak with his colleagues about the possibility. This was an odd case and because Baoo jee was a relative of a senior doctor, a team of 16 surgeons had a meeting. An American doctor also was a part of this group. Baoo jee's condition and his refusal to remove hair was discussed and the doctors decided to call him in as well.

The American doctor saw Baoo jee in baNa and was humbled. This was the first time he had seen someone like this. Baoo jee was always dressed in a simple kurtaa pyjama, with his gatraa over top and a blue dastaar on his head with a khanda on top of it. The American doctor spoke to Baoo jee in English and after a half-hour discussion, he agreed to take responsibility of the operation where no hair would be removed. The American doctor however had Baoo jee put in writing that if a hair was left inside the skin and due to that something unfortunate happened, the doctor would not be responsible. Baoo jee without any hesitation put this in writing and said that indeed, it was his responsibility. The operation took place and the doctors were very happy with their success and the American Doctor remarked that this was the first time he had experienced such an event.

During the operation, the doctors were astounded that despite 10 anaesthesia needles being given, Baoo jee's naam khanda would not stop, and the American doctor did not understand what was happening. Baoo jee's cousin, the doctor, was asked to explain and he did so. Two more needles were given and finally Baoo jee's body became somewhat calmer and the operation began.

Baoo jee lived according to the shabad "Gur satgur kaa jo sikh akhaai, so bhalkay outh har naam dhiaavai". He was the same inside as he was on the outside (he had no falseness to him). He would speak the truth, not caring what anyone thought and no matter what happened. Whenever it came to give his views on the Chardee Kalaa of the Jatha, he would go wherever he was called, not caring for his personal comfort.

Finally Baoo jee received the call from the True Court and one day before he left, he stopped speaking but kept meditating on naam inside, and finally on February 7th, 1996, he left for the abode of the Guru.



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