Guru Amar Das Ji And The Two Sikhs: Phiria & Katara

Two men named Phiria and Katara from the neighbourhood of Dihli having heard of Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj's fame, visited him at Goindwal, and performed for him assiduous service. Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj, being very pleased, one day said to them, 'You have obtained full knowledge of my religion, and you may now return to your own country to preach there the true Name and lead souls to salvation.'

They represented, ' O true king, our beloved Guru Ji, the inhabitants of our country are followers of Jogis who split their ears. The Jogis deceive them by incanta­tions and spells, and consequently the people know nothing of devotion, the Guru's hymns, or divine knowledge. They worship cemeteries and cremation grounds, are averse from true religion, and none but the true Guru himself can save them.

Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj replied, ' Go utter Waheguru, teach every one you meet the virtues of the True name, and put people on the Guru's way.'
Phiria and Katara again repre­sented: ' Such is the power of the Jogis, that simple men like us may not withstand them. Without the special power of the Guru how can the True name be proclaimed among such persons ? '

Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj replied, ' The Creator will be with you ; your word-shall penetrate their hearts ; and their impious efforts shall not prevail against you. From the sleep of ignorance men shall awake to divine knowledge Grant them the gift of the Name, cause them to utter Waheguru and walk in the path shown by the Guru.'

Having received these commands and their beloved Guru Ji's blessing, and meditated on the Immortal Being in their hearts, Phiria and Katara returned to their own country. On arriving there they proceeded to a Jogis' monastery. The Jogis, on seeing their face; beaming with the light shed on them by Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj, fled like deer on seeing a tiger.

Phiria and Katara then converted the monastery into a temple. People assembled in crowds, and asked where these very mighty men had come, who had dared violate the sanc­tuary of Gorakhnath, and before whom the priests of the Jogis had fled. A crowd of people came to create a disturbance, but, on hearing Phiria and Katara sing the Guru's hymns, their hard hearts so melted that they sought the Sikhs' protection, and with all due ceremonies embraced the Sikh religion, and began to worship the one immortal Akal Purakh. All their desires spiritual and temporal, were then fulfilled.




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