Guru Amar Das Ji And The Village Kasur

Once Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji visited Kasur. It was during the summer, and it was very hot. Satguru Ji's sikhs felt very weary. The governor of the city was a Khatri of the Puri tribe. Satguru Ji sent one of his beloved Sikhs to request his permis¬sion to pitch his tent in his garden. The Sikh taking this message hurried towards the governor's house.

He began to knock on the door. The Governor came and opened the door and asked the Sikh what he wanted. The Sikh of Satguru Ji said, 'Governor of Kasur the king of kings, Satguru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj was wondering if he and his Sikhs could pitch their tents in your garden?'

The governor replied, ' I know the Guru; only yesterday he lived in Basarka and to-day he is Guru. He has attached to him men of all castes, high and low. They sit in a line and eat with him and with one another. If he choose to be a Guru of outcastes, he can please him¬self, but I will not allow him to approach my dwell¬ing.'

The Sikh pleaded with the Governor and told him how blessed he would be by having the King of the world, stay on his land. But the governor full of pride closed the doors to his house. The Sikh headed back to where Guru Ji and his Sikhs were resting. The Sikh told Satguru Ji what had happened.

Guru Ji on hearing this said, ' My disciples shall one day have sovereign power. A Sikh ruler shall reign here in Kasur, and the descendants of this person who is now governor shall become his servants.'

Satguru Ji, departing from this area and found his way to the hut of a poor Pathan. On seeing Satguru the man arose and said that he was poor, otherwise he would give him suitable entertainment. Guru Ji replied in the words of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj:—

God can appoint a worm to sovereignty and reduce an army to ashes.

Satguru Ji continued, ' Do God's service, and you shall become the lord of Kasur, but if you become a tyrant you shall die.'

A short time afterwards the governor and his officials in Kasur caused such political disturbance that the Emperor ordered them to be disarmed and expelled, and Pathans appointed in their place. The latter and their descendants continued to govern that part of the Panjab until it was conquered by the lion of panjab, Maharaj Ranjit Singh and the Sikhs.




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