Guru Angad Dev Ji And Salvation

A barber named Dhinga remained with Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj and used to clean the shoes of Satguru Jis sikhs. Dhinga used to think that only Sikhs of higher castes could obtain salvation. He used to worry alot about this and wondered how someone like him, could pass the test of dharam raj and rest at the feet of his Satguru Ji. Guru Ji knew what was passing in Bhai Dhinga's mind.

One day Bhai Dhinga saw his Guru Ji and bowed before his king, and asked him, 'O true guru, saviour of the world, I am of a low caste please give me some spirital guidance so that I can be saved from this cycle of births and deaths.'

Satguru Ji, looked at Bhai Dhinga Ji and said, 'O beloved, the Guru is like a grave, and his sikhs are like the corpses in the grave. The corpses are laid in the grave when
their physical life comes to an end and they cease to move. So when my Sikhs, let go of pride, and let go of the four other evils, and live with their head in the palm of their hand they are then fit to rest in the Guru's laps.'

'O my beloved, Bhai Dhinga, the saint Sain, was of the same trade as you, and he obtained salvation by serving his fellow creatures. You should therefore not despair about your deliverance from transmigration during your present birth. It is your actions which will be counted in the true court of Waheguru, not your caste.'

Bhai Kidaru one day saw Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj walking. Bhai Kidaru who had not had the darshan of his beloved guru for a long time, started to cry and ran towards his Guru. He bowed before his king and asked Satguru Ji, how he should escape from the fire of the deadly sins which were consuming the world.

Satguru Ji replied, 'Bhai Kidaru, as when a forest catches fire and everything in the path of the fire, is being burnt and destoryed, the deer flee and run towards the nearest lake to cool themselves and seek protection from the lake that the fire may not hurt them. O Bhai Kidaru, In the same way, man should flee the deadly sins and take refuge in the cooling water of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj's instruction'.




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