Guru Angad Dev Ji And The Thief

There was a Sikh called Mana, during the times of Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj, who used to work in Guru Ji's kitchen. After sometime, he became very fat and very proud, so much so that he would not obey any of the Sikhs or even perform ordinary duties.

Most of Mana's time was spent quarrelling and fighting with his fellow Sikhs. He used to say to them, 'I am nobody's servant. I am a Sikh of the Guru, the king of this world, and I will only do what my King tells me to do. I will not follow what other sikhs tell me to do.'

One day he stopped doing his usual service in Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj's kitchen. Guru Ji noticed this and called him and told him to serve the saints.

Mana told Guru Ji, 'I am not their servant, but I will do what you tell me to do.'

Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj said told him to go to the forest, gather some firewood, and then cremate himself.

Mana, was shocked to hear Guru Ji utter these words. Nevertheless, Mana proceeded to the forest, collecting wood on the way. He built a huge pyre. He then set the pyre on fire. On seeing it blaze up he became scared, and started to think to himself, 'I dont want to die....'

Meanwhile a thief saw the fire, from a far distance, and slowly made his way towards the fire. When he reached the pyre he asked Mana, why he had made such a big fire. Mana told the thief the whole story.

The thief on hearing of the greatness of Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj began to repent, and concluded that he had at last an opportunity of wiping out the sins of his past life.

He thought for a while, then turned to Mana and told him, 'take this casket of gems for me, and in exchange for it let me obey the order of the King of kings, the saint of saints, satguru sri guru angad dev ji maharaj'.

Mana being a greedy man, and loving life, struck a bargin on these terms. The thief obtained faith and cremated himself, it is said that he went to live at the feet of satguru sri guru nanak dev ji maharaj. Mana on the other hand went to the bazzar to sell the gems, and was there arrested on suspicion of having stolen them.

The result of his trial was that he was hanged, and the stolen gems were restored to their rightful owner.




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