Guru Arjan Dev Ji And Bhai Manj Ji

There is a story told of one Bhai Manj Ji, a votary of Sakhi Sarwar, a Muslim pir, whose shrine is on the border of Balochistan. Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj's fame had reached Bhai Manj Ji.

He had heard the Guru's hymns recited, and passionately desired to behold him. When he was blessed with the holy darshan of Guru Ji, he made the following requests, 'O Guru, heal my three fevers and make me a Sikh, and, deeming me your servant, save me and remove the great pain of transmigration.'

Guru Ji replied, 'You have made Sakhi Sarwar your priest. His way is easy. Sikhi, on the contrary, is difficult. In it you can not put yourself forward or assert yourself. You can not embrace it without being ready to sacrifice without a groan your life on its behalf. If you become my Sikh, you shalt be an object of public disgrace and abuse. People of all sorts of life, will laugh at you and mock you. Your relations will ridicule you, and allow you not to associate with them. They will also dispossess you of all your property. If you are prepared to endure such hardships and sufferings, then you become my Sikh. Otherwise talk not of Sikhi. Keep your wealth, and the good opinion of your family. Why heap on yourself the trouble by embracing my religion?'

Bhai Manj Ji replied, 'O Guru, the very moment I saw you and heard your words I turned away from Sakhi Sarwar, and I was overwhelmed with shame when I reflected that in imitation of others, I bowed my head at the shrine of a pretended saint possessing no real greatness. Thus do men forfeit their religion and lose the advantage of human birth.'

Bhai Manj Ji thus spoke in his humility and tears clouded his eyes. Maharaj replied, 'Accept Sikhi. Worship the true God, Akaal Purakh and it shall be a source of happiness to you.'


Are you prepared to become a Sikh of Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj?




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