Guru Gobind Singh Ji And The Faqir's Flowers


Once Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the king of kings and the saint of saints was camping somewhere. A big crowd of people gathered in his darbar. Among the visitors was an ascetic Muslim faqir who held roses in his palms. It was winter time.

The Muslim faqir slowly made his way towards Satguru Ji and and presented the
flowers to him. Guru Ji looked at the faqir, and said, " O Faqir, you need not have taken the trouble of bringing flowers."

"O True King, helper of the weak, coming with empty hands would be a cause of shame," replied the faqir. This is a Persian proverb that the faqir was repeating.

"No, for a faqir, empty hands is the way of kings. It is an empty heart that is the cause, of shame for anyone. If one's heart is filled with contentment, a faqir is king of kings, even though his hands may be empty. But when one's heart is devoid of contentment and feeling for the Lord, that is a cause for shame," explained Maharaj.

"True Emperor, O Saviour of the world, I have been rewarded for my visit. Perfect are the words of the Perfect, and complete are the words of the Complete," exclaimed the faqir.




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