Guru Gobind Singh Ji And The Rababis

One Day the Rababis sang a Shabad before Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and the sangat sat in rapt attention. The Sikhs said to the Guru ' Sache Patishah, the rababis have sang so sweetly' The Guru did not say anything. Again the Sikhs said 'Sache Patishah, the rababis have sang so sweetly' . The Guru replied ' The Rababis have certainly done a good rendition but the shovel is with them (Par Kahi inhhan hi paas hai). The Sikhs asked 'Sache Patishah, please explain to us the expression the shovel is with them'.

'The shovel is with them is a story which I shall relate to you ' stated the Guru to his Sikhs.

An official lived in a village where there was a persian wheel fitted to a well. Somebody had borrowed the shovel of the official and had not returned it. The official arranged for a drumer to read the announcement with the beat of his drum asking for the shovel to be returned. But nobody came forward so the official organised a search of all the houses in the village. But still the shovel could not be found. Someone suggested that the house of the drummer be searched. When the drummer's house was searched the shovel was found there. The official said ' keeping the shovel in your own house while beating your drum to the whole world for it's recovery, you are ten times more guilty than anyone else. Had the shovel been with anyone else he could have pleaded that he did not hear the announcement but the shovel was in your house so I shall give you a much severer punishment' He tore up the drum and put it around the neck of the drummer and turned him out of the village.

In the same way the Rababis and pandits preach the evil of wealth to others but run after it more and more. Thus the shovel is with them.

from Parchiyan Sewa Das circa 1708




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