Guru Gobind Singh Ji And Vanity Of The Khalsa

In nearly all their battles, the Khalsa was victorious against the rajahs.

Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj sensed that his beloved Khalsa had begun to harbour vanity in their mind. One day he sent his Khalsa to fight
the rajahs, and he himself withdrew.

When guru ji's Khalsa learnt that he had left, they abandoned the fight to follow their beloved father. The armies of the rajahs pursued and slayed the Khalsa soldiers.

Sikh horsemen rode at top speed to Guru Ji and said, "O True Emperor,
the armies of the enemy are slaying us. Have mercy and issue a personal command to attack the enemy, so that their army can be thrown off."

The Sikhs entreated repeatedly, but Guru Ji would not listen, and continued his march. Nor did he give them any answer.

Then some more Sikhs came running, followed by more and more. All of them prayed, "O Guru, have mercy and stop." Guru Ji did not relent, and continued to move on.

One of the Sikhs then alighted from his horse and drew a line in front of Guru Ji's horse named Jan Bhai. "Jan Bhai, in name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj please stop and do not cross this line," said the Sikh.

The horse stopped there and then, and would not cross the line. Guru Ji told his horse to continue running. But the horse would move backwards only. "Jan Bhai, I know you. In your last birth you were a masand. You have lived on their crumbs. How can you disobey them" said Guru Ji and alighted from horseback.

The Khalsa gathered around Maharaj. Then Guru Ji himself ordered the Khalsa to attack the rajahs. With the Guru's blessings, the Khalsa liquidated the rajahs, resulting in the Guru's victory.



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