Guru Gobind Singh Ji: Truth And Falsehood

Once addressing his beloved Sikhs, Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked, "Who is supporting the earth?"

"O True Emperor, be kind and explain this to us yourself," said the Sikhs.

"If somebody has heard something on this, he should come forward and reveal it," Guru Ji said.

"O True Emperor, some people say that the earth is supported by a bull. Others say that Seshnag is supporting the earth on its hood."

"That may be so. But who is supporting the bull or the Seshnag?"

"O True Emperor, be kind and explain this yourself."

"Brothers, they are supported by Truth. Truth is the sustenance of all the planets and stars and the universe. Falsehood can also pass off, when it is presented as Truth. Pure falsehood does not work. Just as solid iron alone does not float, but with a boat it can. In the same way falsehood can also work, if it is made indistinguishable from Truth," explained Maharaj.



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