Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the fake rupee

One day in conversation with the Guru the Emperor maintained that if any one were to repeat the Muslim creed, they will not be consigned to hell. Guru Ji denied that the creed had that efficacy. If any one after repeating it were to do evil, the repetition of the creed would not avail him. The Emperor asked how he was to be assured of that.

Guru Ji replied, 'The creed is stamped on your rupee; we shall see the effect of this'. Guru Ji secretly sent a bad rupee to the market place to be changed. The money changer looked at it and at once rejected it ad counterfeit. It was then taken to the other money-changers with the same result.

Guru Ji then addressed the emperor, 'See, in your own empire, even in your own market place, no one has paid any regard to your creed engraved on this rupee, so how shall it conduct men to heaven?' Today you enjoy your empire, and you can do what you please. If here in your presence this bad rupee even with the creed on it cannot pass, how can it be accepted by another monarch? In God's court gilding will not avail you. The counterfeit and the genuine distinguished there, and men obtain the reward or punishment according to their acts.
Your creed, therefore, as in the present case, cannot avail you for admission into heaven without good actions. When all accounts are called for by the Great Examiner, it is only those who show balances to their credit who shall be delivered.'




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