Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji's Message To Aurangzeb

In his next audience with Aurangzeb, Raja Jai Singh again explained in a very polite and diplomatic language the inability of the Guru to come to the court. Aurangzeb, however, asked one of the Princes, said to be Prince Azam, to meet the Guru and report to him the real reason of the inability of Bala Pir (Guru Har Krishan) to present himself in the court. He asked the Prince to take a basket full of gifts for the Child prophet. Aurangzeb placed a rosary, an emblem of poverty and holiness, beneath all articles. If the Bala-Pir picked up the rosary, he should be considered a gifted saint. If he failed to do so then he was without any spiritual powers, and not worthy of respect.

The Prince met Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji on the bank of Jamuna the next day. When he reverently offered a salver full of gold and silver coins to Guru Har Krishan Ji Maharaj, the Bala-Pir said, "Noble Prince, I leave the gold and silver to you. Make the best of them. Give them to the poor and needy with your own hands. I will take the rosary which lies concealed underneath these glittering coins. May God bless you." The Prince was awe¬struck, and courteously took the rosary from underneath the coins and precious articles, and offered it to Guru Sahib "The Prince then informed Guru Ji that he had come on behalf of the Emperor who was anxious to meet him. He would like to take at least a message for the Emperor. Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji asked his Diwan, Durgah Mal to write the following hymn and also send its Persian translation:

mÚ 1 ]
ma 1 ||
First Mehl:

ikAw KwDY ikAw pYDY hoie ]
kiaa khaadhhai kiaa paidhhai hoe ||
What good is food, and what good are clothes,

jw min nwhI scw soie ]
jaa man naahee sachaa soe ||
if the True Lord does not abide within the mind?

ikAw myvw ikAw iGau guVu imTw ikAw mYdw ikAw mwsu ]
kiaa maevaa kiaa ghio gurr mit(h)aa kiaa maidhaa kiaa maas ||
What good are fruits, what good is ghee, sweet jaggery, what good is flour, and what good is meat?

ikAw kpVu ikAw syj suKwlI kIjih Bog iblws ]
kiaa kaparr kiaa saej sukhaalee keejehi bhog bilaas ||
What good are clothes, and what good is a soft bed, to enjoy pleasures and sensual delights?

ikAw lskr ikAw nyb KvwsI AwvY mhlI vwsu ]
kiaa lasakar kiaa naeb khavaasee aavai mehalee vaas ||
What good is an army, and what good are soldiers, servants and mansions to live in?

nwnk scy nwm ivxu sBy tol ivxwsu ]2]
naanak sachae naam vin sabhae ttol vinaas ||2||
O Nanak, without the True Name, all this paraphernalia shall disappear. ||2||

"Let this be my last communication to the Emperor," said Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji, to the Prince, "My brother, Ram Rai is already there in the court. He has done everything to entertain and please the Emperor. I cannot show any such magical shows as are daily enacted by my brother. It is against our principles and tradition to make such a public demonstration of spiritual powers. Whether it is material power or the spiritual power, it is all the gift of God. He gives these powers and He can take them away. What is more important is to live in the remembrance of His bounties. We meet and part according to the Will of God. Our meeting with the Emperor also depends on the Will of God."




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