Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji And The Leper

Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee was a great incident of this material world. Guru jee became Guru when he was only 5 years old. Many thought that the Guruship of Guru Nanak had been compromised by giving guruship to a child. The pundits who had been enemies of Guru Nanak’s house from the advent, schemed to embarrass the Sikhs and Guru Sahib. They found a leper in Kiratpur Sahib and prompted him to go before Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib and and plead for getting cured.

The leper was told that Guru Nanak had cured a leper and so had many other Gurus. They told him to go to Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee and plead to get cured. The leper was honest in mind and brought his shardha on Guru Sahib. The pundits on the other side were waiting for the right moment to embarrass the Sikhs.

Guru Sahib was passing through a busy street in his paalki when the leper came pleading before Guru Sahib and lay in front of the paalki of Guru Sahib. He started pleading Guru Sahib to cure him. Guru Sahib heard his pleas. The Brahmins too came at that time. A lot of people collected around the scene.

The brahmins challenged Guru Sahib to cure the leper. Guru Sahib knew why the brahmins were making all this noise and was not willing to bow to their pressure but then Guru Sahib had heard the honest pleas of the leper. Guru Sahib came down his paalki and showered the leper with his divine glance. The leper felt warmth in Guru Sahib’s glance. He insisted on more kirpa.

Guru Sahib loudly told the leper to perform an ardaas before Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib jee and did bachan that Guru Nanak would cure him. The leper heard this. The arrow had left the bow and the fruit had fallen on the ground. Same way the bachan from the mouth of Guru Siri Harkishan Sahib jee had been uttered. Now the world could end, the sun could finish but Guru Sahib’s bachan could not fail.

The leper did ardaas and within days he was a normal person. The brahmins were very embarrassed and asked for forgiveness from Guru Sahib.

Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee had a body of a child but the jyot was same as Guru Nanak Sahib. Guru Sahib tested the Sikhs to see if they can recognize the true Guru. Dhan are the Gursikhs who did not let their faith falter and had full faith in Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee.

Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee did open kirpa on the world. He was such that whomever he saw with his divine glance, would heal from all disease. Guru Gobind Singh jee wrote the following, sensing the divine glance of Guru Sahib:





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