Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj And Sajjan Thug

This saakhi is just amazing. Guru Sahib changed Sajjan Thug with one shabad. Before retiring to his room Guru Sahib sang this shabad - SAJJAN SEYEE, NAAL MAIN, CHALDIYAAN NAAL CHALLAN!!

Sajjan Thug was planning to kill Guru Nanak Sahib and take away his wealth. As he was making these evil plans, he heard the mesmerizing sound of kirtan of Guru Nanak Sahib. Good karma from his previous lives had awakened, and he felt that each hair on his body was standing. This Sajjan Thug who had never even thought of becoming a bhagat, was getting absorbed in the shabad of Guru Sahib. He was wondering if this was shabad or pure necter flowing in form of sound.

The shabad pretty much summarized the whole life of Sajjan Thug. Tears started flowing from the eyes of Sajjan Thug. He felt his sins flowing out in form of tears. He saw all the bad deeds he had done in the past and how many he had killed. As the tears flowed from his eyes, he felt his body getting lighter and lighter as if tears were releasing the burden of sins he had in his body. Never before he had felt like this.

The last pankiti of the shabad - "NANAK, NAAM SAMAAL TU, BADHAA
CHHUTEH JITT". Guru Nanak Sahib in the end clearly asked him to take up Naam if he wants to release himself from the chains of maaiya. He felt himself getting drawn
towards the source of the shabad i.e. Guru Sahib. As he approached Guru Sahib with his half-closed eyes, he saw the face of Guru Sahib and Bhai Mardaana jee glowing with the Majithaa Rang of Naam.

He fell to the feet of Guru Sahib, and begged for Naam. Guru Sahib had done kirpa on him and in one shabad washed all his sins. This is all that it takes. Just one glance of Guru Sahib and we will be washed of our sins. Sajjan Thug became a great Sikh and is credited to have opened the first Dharamshaal (Gurdwara) of Guru Sahib.

The lord of billions of worlds - Guru Nanak Sahib (Kot Brahmand ko thaakur) did kirpa on billions of Sajjan Thugs of all worlds. Let us do ardaas today in the charan of Guru Nanak Sahib to deliver us from the illusion of his maaiya and give us amrit naam the only substance capable of making us alive.




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