Guru Nanak Dev Ji On The Purpose Of Pilgrimages

There was once a sadhu who heard that Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, was against pilgrimages. He asked Guru Sahib what was wrong with going to holy places and bathing.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave the sadhu a bitter gourd to take with him everytime he went to a holy place to bathe. Guru Ji told him to give the gourd a bath too when he bathes himself.

The sadhu did as he was told; he took the bitter gourd along to whichever Tirath he went to and gave it a bath. When he returned after completing his mind's desire, Guru Ji told him to cut open the gourd and distribute the dissected portions.

When it was eaten by the people, they complained that it was bitter as usual. Guru Ji remarked that, if the bitter gourd had not become sweet after bathing at these sixty-eight places of pilgrimage, then, how can man expiate his sins by bathing at these places?

From: Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat - Talks & Dialogues by Saint Scholar Naranjan Singh Ji




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