Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Mardana

Guru ji and Mardana were very close to each other. Most of the time, he did kirtan with Mardana and his rabarb. There are two stories I would like to share with you.


I am sure everyone heard the story of when Guru Ji disappeared in a river, to meet God. Well, not many people heard about the conversation between Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana the morning after he reappeared:

Bhai Mardana Ji: You don't love me!

Guru Ji: Why, O loved one. I love you the most. Why do you think so?

Bhai Mardana Ji: Because you yourself went to meet God. If you had loved me, you would've taken me WITH you!

Guru Ji: Well, i didn't take you on purpose. Basically, if I let you come with me to meet God, He would've told us to sing His praises. And after doing so, he would love ur music so much that he'll keep you, and leave me behind in the world. Tell me, how could I have lived longer without you?

This is how much Guru Ji loved his rabarbi. WAHEGURU


One day, Guru Ji was singing praises of the Almighty, while Mardana was playing his rubarb, as usual. But then, Bhai Mardana Ji played such a musical note in such a way, Guru Ji went into "smadhi" state (ie: in meditation i fink ). This lasted for 22 days, no food no drink, continuous.

After the 22nd day, Bhai Mardana Ji grabbed Guru ji's feet and Guru Ji asked why did you stop playing the rabarb?? Bhai Mardana Ji replied: "Baba Ji, you were feeding on my music and keertan, but what about me? You left me hungry".

"You were reading Banni," Guru Ji said "How could you be hungry?"

"But Guru Ji, i remained hungry for your soft priceless bachans which touch my ears. GIve me a blessing so I can have darshan of your open eyes. Give me one of your pricelss bachans and then I will carry on with the kirtan as long as you like"

Can't get that kind of love between a singer and an instrument player!


Waheguru, the relationship between Bhai Mardana Ji and Guru Nanak Dev Ji was immense! No other example in the world can equal to this. Dhan GURU! Dhan Guru's Servants. May i become the dust of those servants.




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