Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji And The Two Thieves

In Soora, July 1999
Translated by Admin

During Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji's journey he was pursued by two thieves, one a Muslim and the other a Hindu, who watched day and night for an opportunity to steal his horse.

While Guru Sahib wearied with travel lay asleep on a dark night, the thieves, it is said, saw from their place of concealment a tiger issue from a lonely forest and make three prostrations before the sleeping Guru.

The Muslim thief became afraid and said to the Hindu, ' The Guru whom a carnivorous animal not only does not touch him, but also bows to, must be some wonder-worker.' The Muslim would therefore never steal his horse, but would go home.

The Hindu thief could not avoid recognizing the Guru's power, but at the same time remained fixed in his resolution to commit the theft. On awaking in the morning Guru Sahib heard of the theft, and in reply to his Sikhs said that the horse and the thief would be found standing on a certain spot to the north of his camp.

He accordingly sent his beloved Sikhs, and ordered them to bring the horse and the thief before him. Guru Sahib asked the thief why he had stolen the horse, and why he had remained standing with the animal instead of running away.

The thief told him all that had occurred prior to the theft, and added that when he had mounted the horse he became blind and could not see his way. He had travelled several miles but could not find the road, and therefore halted at the place where he was arrested.

In his contrition he afterwards climbed a jand tree, broke off a portion of a branch, and impaled himself on the stump. The place is now called Sulisar. Thus did the thief gather the fruit of his sins. Such is the punishment, as says Shaikh Farid, that awaits those who perpetrate evil deeds.




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