Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji at Gaya

Satguru Ji left the village Sarasrawan and proceeded to Gaya. As Guru Sahib was approacing Gaya, a group of Brahmans came before him and began to talk to Guru Sahib about the famous virtues of that famous place of pilgrmage.

They told Satguru Ji, that if barley rolls were offered at Gaya for the souls of ancestors, they would immediately go to heaven, even though they had already entered hell. Guru Sahib smiled at the Brahmans.

The Brahmans then asked Guru Ji to give them some money so that they could conduct their ceremony. Guru Sahib refused. He said he would give them something greater than money for their ceremony.

Guru Sahib then went on to tell the Brahmans that to reach Sach Khand they must meditate on the name of Waheguru. Guru Ji then instructed the Brahmans in the divine knowlegdge of Sikhi.

Having exposed the hypocrisy and deceit of the Brahmans, Guru Sahib taught his beloved Sikhs how to remain forever free from their toils.

Guru Sahib then recited the following hymn of Bhagat Kabir Ji :—

Nobody obeys his parents when alive, yet he gives them feasts when dead ;
Say how shall the poor parents obtain what the ravens and the dogs have eaten.
Let some one explain to me what kushal means ; The world dies talking of kushal; how ever shall kushal be obtained?
Men make goddesses and gods of clay, and offer them living sacrifices.
As your lifeless gods, so your deceased, who ask not for what they want themselves.
You kill living things, and you worship lifeless things; at the last moment great shall be your suffering.
You know not the worth of God's name, and you shall be drowned in the sea of terror.
You waver and know not the supreme God; wherefore you worship gods and goddesses.
Says Kabir, you have not thought of the Unknowable and you have become entangled in the deadly sins.




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