Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji And Bhai Makhan Shah Lubhana

Makhan Shah Lubhana was a very devoted Sikh and at the same time was a very successful businesman. He was into import and export business. Once he was on a business trip and his ship was loaded with stuff from India. While the ship was travelling, it got stuck in a very heavy storm. The situation of the ship was very bad. Not only that Makhan Shah’s investment was in danger, even his life was in danger.

Makhan Shah knew that only one force could save him now. He knew that Guru Nanak Dev jee Maharaaj alone could get him through this problem. Guru Nanak Sahib who is an expert in getting people across this world ocean was surely capable of saving this little ship. It is written in our history books that Bhai Makhan Shah jee did one paath of Siri Jap jee Sahib with full concentration and then did an ardaas in the lotus feet of Guru Siri Harkishen Sahib jee Maharaaj. While doing ardaas, Bhai Makhan Shah committed 500 gold mohars (coins) to the charan of Siri Guru jee. Soon after his ardaas, storm stopped and his ship was saved. Makhan Shah profited greatly from this shipment and started his journey back to his home.

In the meantime, at Baba Bakala, the imposters who were posing as Gurus, confused the sangat greatly. Mata Gujree jee and Mata Nanakee jee asked Guru Sahib to come out in the open but Siri Guru jee stayed merged in Naam. So is Satguru who is ocean of Naam. Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee was a pooran Brahmgiyani even before he became a Guru but now after having the jyot of Guruship in him, he had become incomprehensibly great. Guru does not need anyone. It is sangat that needs Guru. So Siri Guru jee, keeping alive the tradition of Guru Nanak Sahib’s house, kept a low profile.

In total there were 22 fake Gurus at Baba Bakala and Dhir Mal was the leading fake Guru. His agents were spread out on the outskirts of the town to lure the incoming sangat. That must have been a terrible time for sangat. Sangat was confused and did not know where their real Guru was. When Makhan Shah arrived at Delhi, he found out that Siri Guru Harkishen Sahib jee had gone to Sackh Khand and that he had indicated that the next Guru was at Baba Bakala. Makhan Shah arrived at Baba Bakala and was shocked to see pure Kalyug at Baba Bakala.

The masands or agents of Dhir Mal got hold of Makhan Shah on the outskirts of the town and started telling him false stories of Dhir Mal and portrayed him to be the real Guru. Makhan Shah was greatly confused and did not know what to do. As he arrived in the town, he noticed that several fake Gurus were laying claim on the Guru-gaddi of Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee.

Makhan Shah first went to Dhir Mal and did matha tek of 2 mohars. He thought in his mind that the real Guru would ask him to do matha tek of full 500 mohars. Keeping this faith in mind he did matha tek to everyone of the 22 Gurus there. None of them demanded for more money. Makhan Shah got greatly depressed at this and got great bairaag. His eyes were shedding tears for Satguru jee. He asked people of the town if anyone else was left. They told him of Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee but also said that he kept a low profile.

Makhan Shah arrived at the Bhora Sahib (place where Guru jee resided and did bhagtee). Siri Guru jee was absorbed in bhagtee. As Makhan Shah entered the bhoraa where Siri Guru jee was sitting, totally merged in Naam, he felt Guru Sahib’s great presence. His aatma, his heart was crying out to say that he had finally found the real Guru. But Makhan Shah’s intelligence, and the skeptic part of his mind wanted more proof.

He came in front of Siri Guru jee and did matha tek of 2 mohars. Siri Guru jee opened his eyes. Makhan Shah felt as if 1000 suns had risen at dawn. He could not bear the piercing eyes of Siri Guru jee. Siri Guru jee, who is all-knowing knew that Makhan Shah had done ardaas that the real Guru would ask him for the remaining money. Siri Guru jee smilingly asked Makhan Shah in an extremely nectarous voice:

(Why are you keeping the promised amount to yourself)

(And also present the total daswandh that you owe to Guru ghar)

Basically Siri Guru jee told him that he should present the promised amount of 500 mohars.

At this point, Makhan Shah was in a shock state. He had done ardaas that the real Guru would ask him for the full amount but he had not imagined how it would feel if this ardaas really materialized. As Makhan Shah was standing there, totally awed, Siri Guru jee removed his kambal (loyee, shawl) and showed him his right shoulder that was bruised. Siri Guru jee told him that to fulfil his ardaas, he had incurred this wound.

( O Sikh listen, while saving your drowning ship, I incurred this wound. Now you too keep your promise)

Hearing this, Makhan Shah got unlimited bairaag. He just fell at the feet of Siri Guru jee and washed his feet with his tears. Siri Guru jee lifted him and embraced him. Makhan Shah’s joy knew no bound. He went on the top floor of the building and cried out “Guru Laadho Rey, Guru Laadho rey” meaning “ I have found the Guru, I have found the Guru”.

Then he told everyone his personal story and how Siri Guru jee had saved his life. All sangataan, who were thirsty for Siri Guru jee, flocked at Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee. Makhan Shah was a known gursikh of his time and he was very powerful too. He had about 500 sangat with him and together with other sangat, confusion over who the real Guru was cleared by them.

If Makhan Shah can invoke the power of Siri Guru jee, we can too. All we need is the faith that Makhan Shah had. Guru Sahib is always there to help. It is we who are weak and don’t know how to get kirpa of Guru Sahib.

By: Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji




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