Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib And Siri Anandpur Sahib

Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee realized that due to many reasons, including the changing political face of Punjab, it would be prudent to move out from Siri Kiratpur Sahib and construct a new centre of Sikhi. Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee knew that Sikhs needed a place that is well-secure and a little away from the crowds.

During these days, the king of Bilaaspur – Deep Chand died. Deep Chand was the son of Tara Chand, who was rescued by Siri Guru Hargobind Sahib jee from Gwalior. Siri Guru Hargobind Sahib jee had refused to come out of Gwalior jail, until all innocent kings were released. Jahangir bowed to Siri Guru jee’s demand and agreed to release anyone who could hold on to Siri Guru jee’s chola. Siri Guru jee got a new chola sewn which had 52 kaliyaan and all the 52 kings were able to come out of the jail holding on to Siri Guru jee’s chola.

The queen of Bilaaspur and wife of deceased Deep Chand, requested Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee to come for the last rites of the king. Siri Guru jee accepted the humble request of the queen and arrived at Bilaaspur. Few days after the last rites, Siri Guru jee expressed his desire to purchase a piece of land in Bilaaspur. The queen was a Sikh of Siri Guru jee and with folded hands and tears in her eyes, thanked Siri Guru jee for being so merciful to Bilaaspur and expressed her desire to donate the whole of village of Makhopur (present day Siri Anandpur Sahib).

Siri Guru jee, sensing the dangers of the future, insisted on buying the land, instead of accepting it in donation. Siri Guru jee knew that in the future, there would be friction with the future rulers and for this reason wanted to buy the land. Siri Guru jee was not wrong in his judgement because the son of the queen and Deep Chand – Ajmer Chand did give trouble to the Singhs during the reign of Kalgiyaan waalay pita jee - Siri Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj.

Siri Guru jee paid the market price for the village of Makhoval and named it Chakk Nanaki. Baba Buddha jee’s grandson Baba Gurditaa jee laid the foundation stone of this city. So how did it get the name Siri Anandpur Sahib? This was the work of Chojee Preetam Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee Mahaaraaj. When Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaj first arrived at Chakk Nanaki, from Patna Sahib, he read 6 pauris of Siri Anand Sahib before entering this town. Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee was very pleased at his son’s shardhaa (faith, devotion) and decided to name the town – Anandpur after baani of Siri Anand Sahib. In papers it was still known as Chakk Nanaki and in the 1883-84 Gazzette of Hoshiarpur, it was still under the name of Chakk Nanaki.

Siri Guru jee called the expert construction workers and engineers of that time and started with the construction of the great city of Anandpur Sahib. This was to be that city where Khalsa was to reside forever and ever. Within a very short span of time, a very beautiful town got constructed, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It became a great centre of business at that time. Siri Guru jee constructed solid roads, and solid buildings in this great city.

It is the greatness of Siri Guru jee that within a very short time, he constructed a whole city. Normal people cannot even construct a decent home in their life time and here was Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee who constructed a whole city in months.

Khalsa - Vaasee Anandpur Sahib.

Dhan Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib jee.

By: Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji




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