How Baba Amar Das Was Converted

Taken from Pr. Satbir Singh's "Aad Sikh tay Aad Sakheeaa(n)"
Translated by Admin

Bibi Amaro was Guru Angad Dev jee's daughter. It is said that when she was born, it was as if Bhagti (devotion) had itself taken human form and been born in the house of the Guru.

Her voice was very sweet and soft and she had memorised much baaNee. She was married into a family of village Basarkay. Her husband was Guru Amar Das jee's youngest brother, Bhai MaaNak Chand's son, Jasoo.
Bibi jee would rise at amrit vela every day and with great enthusiasm and dedication begin reciting baaNee. Mehma Parkaash (an old Granth) writes that when she would sing baaNee, it was as if nectar would begin to rain down.

One day, a Sadhu visited Baba Amar Das but did not eat anything from him as he did not have a Guru. Baba Amar Das also did not eat that night and lay awake, lost in sadness.

Bibi Amaro rose at amrit vela like normal, bathed and began reciting baaNee. Baba Amar Das was awake and when he heard Bibi jee's beautiful voice, he began to listen with deep focus. He heard to following shabad: "KarNee kaagad man masvaaNee, buraa bhalaa doi laykh paiay. Jio(n) jio(n) kirt chlaay tio(n) chaleeai, to guN naahee ant haray". Meaning: Actions are the paper, and the mind is the ink; good and bad are both recorded upon it. As their past actions drive them, so are they driven. There is no end to Your virtues, Lord. (ang 990)

Hearing this Shabad, Baba jee's mind became pure. The Shabad matched that which Baba jee was feeling in his heart. And it was of course more piercing because it was the Guru's daughter reciting these holy lines of GurbaaNee, and that too at amrit vela with her beautiful voice.

Baba jee from a distance spoke up, "Daughter, I was dead. This amrit-baaNee has entered my ears and I am alive again. My state is exactly like the one described in that shabad. Please take me to the one who's baaNee this is. Please recite that shabad again…"

Bibi Amaro felt shy because Baba Amar Das was equal to her father-in-law. By this time, Bibi jee's mother-in-law Bhago had also awoken and said to Bibi jee, "Daughter, there is no embarassment in reciting this. It is a good deed to do this. One's father and father-in-law are equal. There is no shyness when reciting a shabad."

Bibi Bhago gave her daughter in-law permission to take Baba Amar Das to Khadoor Sahib to meet Guru Angad, but Bibi Amaro said, "How can I go without being called by Guru jee? I have just arrived here in your home now."

Baba Amar Das replied, "Child, please take me. Guru jee will do kirpaa."

Bibi jee then said "As you wish. Next morning I will take you there."

When the next day dawned, Bibi Amaro got ready and set out for Khadoor Sahib with Baba Amar Das. Upon arriving, Bibi jee left Baba jee outside and herself went before Guru jee and bowed. Guru Angad Dev jee looked at his daughter and said, "Child, stop thinking that you have come here without my having called you. You have done well to come. But why have you left the one you brought with you outside? Go and bring him as well."

Bibi jee then went and brought back Baba Amar Das. Guru Angad Dev jee rose and was about to embrace Baba Amar Das as the equal of his daughter's father-in-law but Baba jee fell at Guru jee's feet and said, "Merciful one, I have come here to take the support and sanctuary of your feet".

It was the fruit of Bibi Amaro's rising at Amrit Vela and reciting baaNee that Baba Amar Das came to Khadoor and began his sevaa there and eventually became Guru Amar Das, the strength of the helpless and the support of those with no other hope.




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