How Does God Love His Saints

There once was an extremely wealthy and affluent king who had many palaces and all kinds of material goods in addition to amazing amounts of power and respect in all of the lands he ruled. He was strong of character, mind and will and he was always interested in discussions of spirituality and religion. However deep in his heart he wondered about God, and why God had saved Panchali, Prahlaad, Dhroo and others. Why God protects the honour of his saints and what kind of love does God have for his saints.

This king had a close advisor. The advisor was with the king almost as much as the king's own wife was. He was his right-hand man. He helped the king with all intellectual and strategic problems, and further to that he advised the king on all spiritual matters. One day the king came in the morning after his prayers and said to his advisor, "Find me the answer to this question or you are fired forever." The advisor was slightly taken aback by the comment. He had been working for the king for many many years and he was allowed admission into all the rooms of all the palaces - he was more like the king's family than his employ. But alas, being an employee he said to the king, "I accept your wish King, what is the question?" The king replied, "Why and how does God love his saints?"

The king demanded that the answer be given to him within 24 hours or the advisor would be out of his job. The advisor took the king's command as sweet will of God and went home to his wife and daughter. Seeing the stressed and confused look on her father's face, the advisor's daughter began to get worried. "What is going on father, why are you so distressed today?" She pressed him for an answer. He finally gave in, confessing, "The king has asked my why and how does God love his saints. He has given me only 24 hours to reply with an answer or else my job will be lost."

The daughter was an extremely talented sculpture and artisan. She became uplifted with an idea that came to her after listening to her father's dilemma. "Father," she asked, "can I go to the King's palace today?" "Why yes of course," answered the Advisor. "You know that we have been working under the king for so many years - we have admission to all quarters of his kingdom. Feel free to go where you please." The daughter told her father to meet her at the Palace at 3 am the next morning.

The next morning while the sun was yet to rise, the King had arisen for his morning prayers and meditation on God. Although he was strong and stubborn minded, and could find many replacements for his advisor - he too was stressed that perhaps his advisor would not find the answer to his question. However he remained determined that the answer must be found. The king passed by the room of his one and only son and within his mind sent a blessing to him. He went down to the edge of the river to have his morning bath when in the distance he was shocked and horrified to see his son at the edge of the docks nearly about to fall into the river.

What was really there was a sculpture that the Advisor's daughter had built which was so precise and exact that it looked like the King's real son was actually falling into the river uncontrollably.

Upon seeing this sight the King's face became red in worry and his eyes welled up in tears. His heart pulled in all directions and he leaped to the rescue of his son. Upon diving deep into the waters the king noticed that his son was still on the dock in the same position. At this point he finally realized that it was not his son, but a sculpture.

3:00 am had arrived and so had the advisor. Seeing the advisor and his daughter at the docks, the King became humbled. Soaking wet he walked out of the river and the advisor ran to him with towels. The advisors daughter said in a soft tone, "Dear King, how and why does God love his saints?" And the King could only smile and reply, "I understand now. Thank you."




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