Apnay Sayvak kee Aapay Raakhay:
How Prof. Thakur Singh Was Saved

By Prof. Thakur Singh
Translated by Admin tapoban.org

[Prof. Thakur Singh was the nephew of Baoo Mul Singh jee and was very close to Bhai Sahib both before and after Bhai Saahib's time in jail]

When I was studying at Khalsa College Amritsar, I played on the hockey team. The Captain was Jai Singh of Darolee Kalaa(n) and the Club President was Dr. Dunncliffe (Chemistry Prof.). In those days, WW I was raging (1915). Dr. Dunncliffe left the College and went to Lahore to be a recruiting agent. He recruited Jai Singh through an "Emergency Commission" and sent him to Basra, near Iran [present day Iraq]. He passed through many dangers but by the time he returned, he had made a lot of money. He had more than Rs. 100 000. He came to meet us at Khalsa College. We would play hockey every day and then a lot of the time, in the evening, we'd go to Sree Darbaar Saahib. Every day Jai Singh would fill a dish with KaRah Parshaad and offer it. After the ardaas, parshaad we would receive, we'd share amongst ourselves.

One day we were standing outside eating KaRah Parshaad when a reckless player, who was quite a trouble-maker, said "Here at Darbaar Saahib we listen to GurbaaNee keertan. Why don't we go to the Bazaar and listen to some other raags [i.e. in dancing girl quarters]"

The player knew that Jai Singh would cover the cost. He, through his joking and light manner, convinced everyone to go. I was still deep in thought. I couldn't understand what to do. When the rest of the boys started going towards the Bazaar, I too followed. I didn't have enough confidence to say I wouldn't go, but my soul was cursing me and crying out "where are you going in the company of this bad sangat???"

One by one, all the boys climbed the stairs and were entering the room. I too climbed up and when I was putting my foot into the room, Satguru jee blessed me. Sree Maan Bhai Saahib Randheer Singh jee came and stood before me [at this time, Bhai Saahib was physically in jail]. My eyes were open wide but I couldn't see anything. My heart was beating so fast and I was in such a panic, I wasn't fully conscious. I still remember, that foot which was entering the room, came back onto the stairs. In one second I descended. I still couldn't see anything and in my panic, I ran with all my strength through the bazaar, like a thief who is running after having stolen something. After a 100 yards, I arrived in Haal Bazzar and the light returned to my eyes. I stood up and my panic slowly subsided. I thanked Satguru jee who put Bhai Saahib jee on guard duty and saved me from bad Sangat. I then arrived at Sree Darbaar Saahib. I clasped my hands together and begged for forgiveness and thanked Satguru jee for having blessed me and having given the duty of protecting me to Sree Maan Bhai Saahib.

When Bhai Saahib returned from jail, on one or two occasions he would hint and say "Even while sitting in Jail, I had to look after the children." Truly he was very spiritually powerful.



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