How Singhs Got Out Of Maha Udiyaan

A group of Singhs went to get darshan of the historical gurdwara at Manikaran, in Himachal Pardesh in India. They were a group of about 10 people. More than half were amritdhari gursikhs. While at Manikaran, they heard of a place about 26kms from there, where milk-like water comes out of the ground. The singhs got curious and decided to check it out.

It was a college tour, whereby they had come to see Bhakhra Nangal Dam. At their insistence their professor had agreed to take them to Manikaran. From there, they planned to go to this another place where milk-like water comes out of the ground fountain. It was about 11am and they decided to take the shortcut to that place. The shortcut went through a very dense forest.

They decided that they would start walking back if they don’t reach the destination by 2pm as it gets dark over there around 5pm or so. The forest has all kind of animals including bears, wild buffaloes, wild pigs, big cats like tigers and very poisonous snakes like king cobras. All they had was one box of matches for fire and few sticks. They kept walking for about 2 hours and then realized that they had lost their sense of which direction they were heading to. To make matters worse, they lost 3 companions.

They started looking for them and could not find their companions anywhere. By the time they realized, it was about 5pm. They were all getting hungry and thirsty. They entered a very dense part of the forest where it was impossible to walk even one step without clearing bushes and heavy branches of the trees. The trees were so thick and tall that they prevented sunrays to touch the ground. It was a very scary scene.

As darkness crept in, they started hearing scary sounds of wild animals. Now they were worrying for their safety and they did not know their way out. It became so dark that they became virtually blind. They could not even see their hands with their eyes. There was no sign of light anywhere. They started lighting the match sticks to get light but how long were they going to last? They could not find any dry wood to light as there was melted snow all over the place.

By this time they all were really panicking. As per the Mahavaak – “Dukh Daaroo, Sukh Rog Bhaiyaa” – they all decided to do an ardaas before Akal Purakh. Since they had exhausted all other means, they had only one hope and that is Vaheguru, the ardaas that they performed was from very bottom their hearts. Every word that they said in the ardaas was sincere. After the ardaas they got so motivated that for many minutes they kept doing jaikaaraas. They must have cried out at least 100 jaikaaras.The whole forest was filled with “BOLEEE SOOOO NIHAAAAL!! SAAAAT SREEEEE AKAAAAAL!!!. Their own bodies were filled with the energy generated from the jaikaara.

After their nth jaikaara, they did their final matha tek and stumbled upon neatly bundled dry wood. It was as if someone had literally left the wood bundles for them by their steps. They all were filled with shukar for Vaheguru, who had answered their prayers so fast. They had only one match stick left and with that they lighted the woods. This gave them enough light to keep the wild animals away for all night. At night, they slept, with two of them taking turns staying awake. Many animals came towards them but hearing their jaikaaraas and seeing fire, left them alone. By this time, their lost companions also arrived and they survived the night at this maha udiyaan (very dense forest) with the kirpa of Vaheguru.

Let us be assured that Vaheguru is very much alive and is listening to us. All we need to do is call him out from the bottom of our hearts. Gurbani says that this world that we are living in is Maha Udiyaan i.e. very dense and large thick forest. We have lost the sense of direction we were heading to. In this forest there are very dangerous wild animals like Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar. We have no hope but Naam. This Naam is the fire that will keep the animals away.



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