Moola Khatree And Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

Moola Khatree lived in a village visited by Guru Nanak Dev jee.

Guru jee wrote on a piece of paper, ‘Is living true or is death true?”

Bhai Mardana jee took it around the village to get and answer only a trader called Moola wrote an answer, he said that only dying was true.

Guru Nanak jee came and asked him if he would live by what he wrote but he said he had only written it for fun. Gradually he became a devout follower always by the side of Guru Nanak jee, he wouldn’t even go home to his wife.

She became ill and Guru Nanak jee told Moola to go home. Next time Guru jee came to their house, he knocked on the door. Moola’s wife told Moola
to hide in the store room, she was afraid she’d lose him again. She lied to the Guru by sayin Moola had gone out.

Moola had turned his back on his Guru and uffered a fatal bite by a snake in the storeroom where he was hiding.

His wife repented, and Guru jee in his mercy said, “I will save him in my tenth form.”

At the place where the Gurdwara Shikaar Ghat now stands, Guru Gobind Singh jee shot an arrow into a passing rabbit, when questioned by his Siksh why he’d killed an innocent animal, Guru jee explained that it was Moola and he had liberated his soul.




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