Naamdev At The Temple

Once a king in India went to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and asked, “ O Guru! As you told us that God Himself supports His true worshiper, but God has so many apostles, why does He support Himself? Why does not He send His apostles to help the worshiper?”

As he said this, his own son who was playing at the bank of a river nearby slipped in the river. The king did not wait for a second and jumped in the river as well to save his child. After saving his child he returned to the Guru.

The Guru asked, “My dear friend, you were sitting here with me a minute ago and why did u jump in the river?” King explained that his son had slipped in the river and he went to save him.

Then the Guru asked, “Dear friend, you have so many servants then why did you jumped in the river by yourself? Why did not you send you servants to save him?”

The King said, “By the time I would have asked my servants, he would have drowned. I love my child very much and does not want to lose him at any cost.”

Then Guru said, “My dear friend, God loves His worshipers the same way as you love your son. That is why he Himself to saves His true worshiper.”

Such a worshipper was Naamdev. For all of his life, Naamdev had worshipped God and had faith in Him for each and every moment. He did not worship anyone else but the one immortal God. He says,

AsMK koit An pUjw krI ]

asa(n)kh kott an poojaa karee ||

The performance of countless millions of other devotions

eyk n pUjis nwmY hrI ]3]

eaek n poojas naamai haree ||3||

is not equal to even one devotion to the Name of the Lord. ||3||

The materialistic things would not deter Naamdev’s spiritual path to meet God. He considered iron and gold alike. Once while sewing he wrote,

sueinae kee sooee rupae kaa dhhaagaa ||

My needle is gold, and my thread is silver.

naamae kaa chith har so laagaa ||4||3||

Naam Dayv's mind is attached to the Lord. ||4||3||

He cared neither for gold nor silver, he was in love with God. Even though as a result of his true worship he had became a highly spiritual person, he was still completely devoid of pride. Naamdev knew that God does care for the person who recites His name and remembers Him all the time.

Once Naamdev went to Avandanagnath Temple situated in Maharashtra, India. The Hindu priests of that temple believed in the caste system. After reaching the temple Naamdev sat and started worshipping God but the Hindu priests grabbed his arm and drove him out of the temple. The priests said that Naamdev couldn’t visit the temple because he is of a low class. Naamdev was deeply hurt so he went to the back of the temple and started worshipping God.

In his prayer he said,

hsq Kylq qyry dyhury AwieAw ]

hasath khaelath thaerae dhaehurae aaeiaa ||

Laughing and playing, I came to Your Temple, O Lord.

Bgiq krq nwmw pkir auTwieAw ]1]

bhagath karath naamaa pakar out(h)aaeiaa ||1||

While Naam Dayv was worshipping, he was grabbed and driven out. ||1||

hInVI jwiq myrI jwidm rwieAw ]

heenarree jaath maeree jaadhim raaeiaa ||

I am of a low social class, O Lord;

CIpy ky jnim kwhy kau AwieAw ]1] rhwau ]

shheepae kae janam kaahae ko aaeiaa ||1|| rehaao ||

why was I born into a family of fabric dyers? ||1||Pause||

lY kmlI cilE pltwie ]

lai kamalee chaliou palattaae ||

I picked up my blanket and went back,

dyhurY pwCY bYTw jwie ]2]

dhaehurai paashhai bait(h)aa jaae ||2||

to sit behind the temple. ||2||

ijau ijau nwmw hir gux aucrY ]

jio jio naamaa har gun oucharai ||

As Naam Dayv uttered the Glorious Praises of the Lord,

Bgq jnW kau dyhurw iPrY ]3]6]

bhagath janaa(n) ko dhaehuraa firai ||3||6||

the temple turned around to face the Lord's humble devotee. ||3||6||

He further prayed,

mo kau qUM n ibswir qU n ibswir ]

mo ko thoo(n) n bisaar thoo n bisaar ||

Please do not forget me; please do not forget me,

qU n ibswry rwmeIAw ]1] rhwau ]

thoo n bisaarae raameeaa ||1|| rehaao ||

please do not forget me, O Lord. ||1||Pause||

AwlwvMqI iehu BRmu jo hY muJ aUpir sB koiplw ]

aalaava(n)thee eihu bhram jo hai mujh oopar sabh kopilaa ||

The temple priests have doubts about this, and everyone is furious with me.

sUdu sUdu kir mwir auTwieE khw krau bwp bITulw ]1]

soodh soodh kar maar out(h)aaeiou kehaa karo baap beet(h)ulaa ||1||

Calling me low-caste and untouchable, they beat me and drove me out; what should I do now, O Beloved Father Lord? ||1||

mUey hUey jau mukiq dyhugy mukiq n jwnY koielw ]

mooeae hooeae jo mukath dhaehugae mukath n jaanai koeilaa ||

If You liberate me after I am dead, no one will know that I am liberated.

ey pMfIAw mo kau FyF khq qyrI pYj ipCMaufI hoielw ]2]

eae pa(n)ddeeaa mo ko dtaedt kehath thaeree paij pishha(n)ouddee hoeilaa ||2||

These Pandits, these religious scholars, call me low-born; when they say this, they tarnish Your honor as well. ||2||

qU ju dieAwlu ik®pwlu khIAqu hYN AiqBuj BieE Apwrlw ]

thoo j dhaeiaal kirapaal keheeath hai(n) athibhuj bhaeiou apaaralaa ||

You are called kind and compassionate; the power of Your Arm is absolutely unrivalled.

Pyir dIAw dyhurw nwmy kau pMfIAn kau ipCvwrlw ]3]2]

faer dheeaa dhaehuraa naamae ko pa(n)ddeean ko pishhavaaralaa ||3||2||

The Lord turned the temple around to face Naam Dayv; He turned His back on the Brahmins. ||3||2||

That temple is still rotated. This is the symbol of the true love of God towards His true worshiper.




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