Sri Guru Amar Das Ji and the Baoli

Guru Amar Das laid the foundation of a Baoli (a well with descending steps) at Goindwal in 1559. All Sikhs joined in the work of digging the Baoli. There was great activity throughout the construction of the Baoli.

After digging very deep they struck a large stone which hindered any further progress. The Guru asked the Sikhs if there was any one who would be courageous to drive a peg into the base to remove the obstruction. He did, however, warn that the operation involved great danger because if the person could not avert the gush of the water, he might be drowned. At this, Manak Chand of Vairowal, who was married to a niece of the Guru, offered his services. This was the same Manak Chand whose parents had been blessed by Guru Nanak.

Manak Chand, invoking God's name and through the grace of the Guru, was able to wedge through the stone and the stream of water immediately filled the Baoli. He was overtaken by the gush of the water. He almost drowned but by the grace of the Guru, he came to the top from where he was taken out and revived. Therefore, he was called 'Marjiwra' (revived after death).

The Baoli yielded sweet drinking water. The Sikhs rejoiced at the successful completion of their labor. There are eighty-four steps reaching down the Baoli. It is believed that this number eighty-four stands for the eighty-four million types of species which inhabit this earth and through which one must progress in order to take birth as a human.




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