Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji And Bhai Bala Ji

Once Bhai Bala, a Sikh, came to see Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj. Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana, the rebec-player, had accompanied Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, the first Mahal, travels to different parts of the world. Both were witness to the events at all places. Thus Bhai Bala was one of the blessed Sikhs.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj conferred the ‘guruship’ on Guru Angad Dev Ji, and himself merged with the Supreme Soul. When Bhai Bala heard that Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj, now sat on the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, he decided to go and visit him.

Guru Angad Dev Ji seated him besides himself with due respect and courtesy. After offering his obeisance, Bhai Bala sought Guru Ji's permission to ask some questions, which Guru Ji was pleased to grant.

"Great Guru, You are a real hero because you won the approbation of the Great Guru. It is indeed difficult to completely win over a man like him. He could take pain as well as pleasure in the same strain, and was not affected by I calumny or praise, or lured by gold, treating it as no more than a lump of clay. Pleasing such as him is a rare feat. It is by no means easy. You won his favour. I offer my congratulations. God has blessed you with this marvellous achievement. But be kind and explain to us what particular service or act of devotion was rendered by you, which pleased the Guru so much that he transferred his own spirit unto you. I am very anxious to hear this." asked Bhai Bala.

"It is only His grace that I invoked. I am incapable of making any effort. And whatever effort might have been made, was also due to His grace," replied the king of kings Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji.

"O Guru, you utter the truth. This is the cup of the Master's love. He bestows it on whom-so-ever He pleases. This is indeed the correct version. There is, however, always a doer. The initiative and strength to act are granted by the True Guru. Faith is also a gift granted to a Sikh. I want to know the job that led to this great trust. What was the specific act carried out through you for Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, which pleased him."

"Bhai Balaji, you were Guru Ji's companion. As such you are not different from him. So I must comply. But the number of times Guru Ji showered his grace on me, if described in detail, will make a very lengthy account. I only make a brief reference to my faith in him. The rest, you can yourself divine."

Satguru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji then narrated the various acts which had pleased Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji: "Once I was in his presence. So was Baba Buddha Ji. It was night time. Guru Ji asked Baba Buddha Ji to go out and see what part of the night had passed, and how much remained. Baba Buddha Ji went outside, and on return said, 'O, True Master, the night has covered two and a half pahars (one pahar is three hours), leaving one and a half pahars'. This was the time for operating the Persian wheel.

Then Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji instructed me to go and find out how much of the night was over and how much remained. Obediently, I went out and looked at the night. Returning to his benign presence, I said, 'O, True Lord, whatever part of the night you have allowed, has passed. You are all-knowing.' When I said this, he was pleased with my faith in him."

In order to satisfy Bhai Bala Ji's curiosity to know what was the specific job that was executed by him, that had pleased Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, the king of kings and the saint of saints, Guru Angad Dev Ji narrated a number of stories:

"Once, it was midnight time, I was alone with Guru Ji, and none besides. He said, 'Bhai Lehna Ji, the day has dawned,' and I repeated, 'Yes, O Lord, the day has dawned.' Then Guru Ji gave me his clothes to wash which I carried to the pool. There it was mid-day. I washed the clothes, dried them, and brought them back to Guru Ji so that he could wear them. When I returned it was still night. Guru Ji again asked me if it was day time or night. I replied, 'O my True Lord, night and day are all your creation. When you will, night comes, and when you will, it is day.' This demonstration of my faith again brought his pleasure on me."

"Once in a village there was a pond filled with black dirty mud. When it rained, filth from the entire village drained into it. Approaching it, Guru Ji dropped his bowl into it. Both the sahibzadas of Guru Ji were also with him. First, he looked to Sri Chand and said, 'My son, the bowl has fallen in the pond. Please take it out'. Sri Chand ji replied, 'My Lord, let us keep going. The bowl can be recovered later at leisure.' Then the Guru looked towards Lakhmi Chand, saying, 'My son, will you take out the bowl that has fallen into the pool?' Lakhmi Chand said, 'Very well, my Lord. We shall get somebody to take it out.' Then Maharaj looked in my direction. I immediately jumped into the pool unmindful of soiling myself and my clothes, took out the bowl, and handed it to him. Then also the Guru was pleased with me for my faith in him."

"Once Guru Ji was camping in the countryside. Even there, many people started
gathering around him. One day a group of persons arrived who were all hungry. They prayed for food. Maharaj said, 'Dear congregation, this is a jungle with only kikar (Acacia) trees. Let somebody climb and shake the trees for food.' The gathering thought that Guru Ji was joking, because an Acacia tree bears no fruit. After a pahar passed, another Sikh repeated the request, 'O True Lord, the group is hungry. Please get them something to eat.' Again the same words were uttered, 'Brother, there are the Acacia trees, climb and shake them for food.' The Sikhs again thought that Guru Ji was putting them off. Guru Ji nodded to me saying, 'Bhai Lehna, go and shake the Acacia, and feed the congregation.' At this command I climbed up to the top of the tree, and started shaking it. Lo! Sweets like jalebis and patashas, started falling like rain and piled in heaps. Everybody ate to his heart's content. At that time also it was my faith in Maharaj that made him happy."

taken from Parchian Sewadas




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