Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji And Bhai Sujaan Singh Ji

Before becoming a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh jee, Bhai Sujaan Singh was living at Lahore and worked as a Hakim (doctor). Not only was he a good doctor but he also was a poet. He used to do poetry in Persian. One day Bhai Sujaan Singh heard from his friend that Guru Gobind Singh jee greatly appreciates poets and scholars and have 52 poets and scholars in his darbaar. Hearing this, he started getting the urge to get the darshan of Guru Sahib.

Another reason for his urge to see Guru Sahib was that, though he had everything a person can ask for, yet he was not satisfied with his life. He was feeling that something was missing in his life. He felt a spiritual void in his life. He decided to go to Siri Anandpur Sahib and get darshan of Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Upon his arrival at Siri Anandpur Sahib, he was greatly impressed with the spiritual atmosphere of this sacred place. He came to Guru Sahib one day and after matha-tek, asked for Sikhi-daan i.e. Naam. Guru Sahib had something else in store for him. After bestowing him with Naam, Guru Sahib ordered him to leave Anandpur Sahib immediately and serve the humanity by caring for and curing sick people.

Bhai Sujaan Singh was taken aback when Guru Sahib told him to go away from Anandpur Sahib. He humbly asked Guru Sahib where to go. Guru Sahib told him to just leave Anandpur Sahib and not come back again. He told him that he should just leave and he will himself will know where he should stay (Bhai Sujaan, ithon bhajj jaa).

Bhai Sujaan Singh immediately got up after matha-tek. As he had just received Naam, he felt that all his thirsts had quenched. He felt very good. He came out of the darbaar of Guru Sahib and started running in the direction he was facing. He ran for the whole day. His had not even bothered to wear his shoes and as a result his feet were badly bruised by the thorns and had blood simmering out. At last he arrived in a small town and passed out.

When he woke up, he felt that this was the place where he wanted to live and serve the sick people. He felt his Naam going very fast and he could hear the shabad (naam) very clearly. He started living there and felt great contentment serving the sick and doing naam jaap all the time. The only thing he missed was the darshan of Guru Gobind Singh jee. He used to long for Guru Sahib’s darshan day and night. He used to get great bairaag for Guru Sahib.

One day he heard that Guru Gobind Singh jee was arriving at his town. His happiness knew no bounds. He could not wait for that day, when Guru Sahib would arrive in his town and when he would finally get to see Guru Sahib. At last that day arrived when Guru Sahib was scheduled to come. When the time for Guru Sahib came in the town and Bhai Sujaan Singh was getting all set to leave to see Guru Sahib, an old lady came and asked Bhai Sujaan Singh to go with her as her daughter-in-law was very sick.

Bhai Sujaan Singh was facing a dilemma now. On one hand he did not want to miss the darshan of Guru Sahib and on the other hand he had to treat the sick woman. Finally after giving it profound thought, he decided to treat the sick woman and do ardaas before Guru Sahib for darshan. He left with the old woman. As he was walking towards the woman’s house, he saw all the sangataan (devotional people) walking towards the direction of the samagam. He controlled his mind and focussed it on shabad.

Upon his arrival at the sick woman’s house, he discovered that she indeed was very sick and required immediate help. It took Bhai Sujaan Singh about one hour to serve her and at the end of his treatment, she felt better. After Bhai Sujaan Singh completed his task there, he started slowly moving towards the samagam place. Inside he was feeling that he had missed an opportunity to see Guru Sahib. As he approached his house, he noticed that there were a lot of people standing around his house. He got a little concerned.

As he approached near his house, he got the surprise of his life. There on his bed, Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj himself was sitting. Bhai Sujaan Singh rushed forward and fell at the lotus feet of Guru Sahib. With his tears, he wiped the lotus feet of Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib lifted Bhai Sujaan Singh and embraced him. He told him that he was very pleased with his devotion and he blessed him with Khanday daa Amrit and changed his name from Bhai Sujaan Chand to Bhai Sujaan Singh. Bhai Sujaan Singh was blessed with full shakti of Guru Sahib and he reached the top-most spiritual state of Gurmat.


The idea of putting forward this Gurmat Case was as follows:

1) To bring forth the idea of obeying the hukam of Guru Sahib. Even though, Bhai Sujaan Singh wanted badly to see Guru Sahib but he did not disobey the hukam of Guru Sahib to get his wish of darshan fulfilled.

2) The biggest thing a Sikh can do is obey the hukams of Guru Sahib. Only such Sikh can get somewhere. Rehit is the hukam of Guru Sahib. To ignore the rehit and other hukams and to try to compensate such weaknesses in rehit by doing more paath just does not work. Rehit is a must.

By: Bhai Kulbir Singh




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