Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji Maharaj - Advice on Beating Lust (Kaam)

The Emperor said to Satguru Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, 'You are a very young man. Many beautiful women come to see you. It is extremely hard to subdue youthful passions. How do you O True King succeed in doing so?'

Satguru Ji said, 'Dear Brother, there was once a very religious and chaste man who had conquered his passions. A lewd and adulterous king used to wait on this man. The saint once asked him what desire he sought to gratify by his attention to him.

The King replied, 'I am a lustful man. I ever desire sexual pleasures and the gratification of all my desires.'

The Saint replied, 'Because of this enjoyment you have only eight more days of your life to live, which you may enjoy as you please. On the ninth day you will surely die.'

The King, was very worried and asked the saint if there was anything that he could do to avert his fate.

The Saint replied, 'Meditate on the name of Waheguru.'

The King, left the saint and hurried home..... He abandoned all worldly affairs, and so applied himself to devotion of the name of Waheguru so that all impure desires left his mind.

The ninth day came, and the King went to the Saint and informed him of how he had spent his time since their last meeting. The saint then said, that his life was saved by the power of his devotion and then asked him how he had abandoned sensuality.

The King replied, that it was through the fear of impending death....

The saint smiled, looked at the king and said, 'that is an answer to the question you asked. That is the way to avert your fate. You thought that you will die in eight days, so no evil desires entered your mind, while as for myself, I am not certain that that death will not come and seize me at any moment. On this account my mind is unswayed by passion.'

Satguru Ji then said, O Emperor Jahangir, there is no reliance to be placed on death; it comes like a thief when we expect it not to come. If a man had information, he would not allow things to be stolen from his house. Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, the king of kings, and the saint of saints has said,

This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Ang 55 of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

isrIrwgu mhlw 1 ]
mCulI jwlu n jwixAw sru Kwrw Asgwhu ]
Aiq isAwxI sohxI ikau kIqo vyswhu ]
kIqy kwrix pwkVI kwlu n tlY isrwhu ]1]
BweI ry ieau isir jwxhu kwlu ]
ijau mCI iqau mwxsw pvY AicMqw jwlu ]1] rhwau ]
sBu jgu bwDo kwl ko ibnu gur kwlu APwru ]
sic rqy sy aubry duibDw Coif ivkwr ]
hau iqn kY bilhwrxY dir scY sicAwr ]2]
sIcwny ijau pMKIAw jwlI biDk hwiQ ]
guir rwKy sy aubry hoir PwQy cogY swiQ ]
ibnu nwvY cuix sutIAih koie n sMgI swiQ ]3]
sco scw AwKIAY scy scw Qwnu ]
ijnI scw mMinAw iqn min scu iDAwnu ]
min muiK sUcy jwxIAih gurmuiK ijnw igAwnu ]4]
siqgur AgY Ardwis kir swjnu dyie imlwie ]
swjin imilAY suKu pwieAw jmdUq muey ibKu Kwie ]
nwvY AMdir hau vsW nwau vsY min Awie ]5]
bwJu gurU gubwru hY ibnu sbdY bUJ n pwie ]
gurmqI prgwsu hoie sic rhY ilv lwie ]
iqQY kwlu n sMcrY joqI joiq smwie ]6]
qUMhY swjnu qUM sujwxu qUM Awpy mylxhwru ]
gur sbdI swlwhIAY AMqu n pwrwvwru ]
iqQY kwlu n ApVY ijQY gur kw sbdu Apwru ]7]
hukmI sBy aUpjih hukmI kwr kmwih ]
hukmI kwlY vis hY hukmI swic smwih ]
nwnk jo iqsu BwvY so QIAY ienw jMqw vis ikCu nwih ]8]4]

sireeraag mehalaa 1 ||
mashhulee jaal n jaaniaa sar khaaraa asagaahu ||
ath siaanee sohanee kio keetho vaesaahu ||
keethae kaaran paakarree kaal n ttalai siraahu ||1||
bhaaee rae eio sir jaanahu kaal ||
jio mashhee thio maanasaa pavai achi(n)thaa jaal ||1|| rehaao ||
sabh jag baadhho kaal ko bin gur kaal afaar ||
sach rathae sae oubarae dhubidhhaa shhodd vikaar ||
ho thin kai balihaaranai dhar sachai sachiaar ||2||
seechaanae jio pa(n)kheeaa jaalee badhhik haathh ||
gur raakhae sae oubarae hor faathhae chogai saathh ||
bin naavai chun sutteeahi koe n sa(n)gee saathh ||3||
sacho sachaa aakheeai sachae sachaa thhaan ||
jinee sachaa ma(n)niaa thin man sach dhhiaan ||
man mukh soochae jaaneeahi guramukh jinaa giaan ||4||
sathigur agai aradhaas kar saajan dhaee milaae ||
saajan miliai sukh paaeiaa jamadhooth mueae bikh khaae ||
naavai a(n)dhar ho vasaa(n) naao vasai man aae ||5||
baajh guroo gubaar hai bin sabadhai boojh n paae ||
guramathee paragaas hoe sach rehai liv laae ||
thithhai kaal n sa(n)charai jothee joth samaae ||6||
thoo(n)hai saajan thoo(n) sujaan thoo(n) aapae maelanehaar ||
gur sabadhee saalaaheeai a(n)th n paaraavaar ||
thithhai kaal n aparrai jithhai gur kaa sabadh apaar ||7||
hukamee sabhae oopajehi hukamee kaar kamaahi ||
hukamee kaalai vas hai hukamee saach samaahi ||
naanak jo this bhaavai so thheeai einaa ja(n)thaa vas kishh naahi ||8||4||

Siree Raag, First Mehl:
The fish did not notice the net in the deep and salty sea.
It was so clever and beautiful, but why was it so confident?
By its actions it was caught, and now death cannot be turned away from its head. ||1||
O Siblings of Destiny, just like this, see death hovering over your own heads!
People are just like this fish; unaware, the noose of death descends upon them. ||1||Pause||
The whole world is bound by death; without the Guru, death cannot be avoided.
Those who are attuned to Truth are saved; they renounce duality and corruption.
I am a sacrifice to those who are found to be Truthful in the True Court. ||2||
Think of the hawk preying on the birds, and the net in the hands of the hunter.
Those who are protected by the Guru are saved; the others are caught by the bait.
Without the Name, they are picked up and thrown away; they have no friends or companions. ||3||
God is said to be the Truest of the True; His Place is the Truest of the True.
Those who obey the True One-their minds abide in true meditation.
Those who become Gurmukh, and obtain spiritual wisdom-their minds and mouths are known to be pure. ||4||
Offer your most sincere prayers to the True Guru, so that He may unite you with your Best Friend.
Meeting your Best Friend, you shall find peace; the Messenger of Death shall take poison and die.
I dwell deep within the Name; the Name has come to dwell within my mind. ||5||
Without the Guru, there is only pitch darkness; without the Shabad, understanding is not obtained.
Through the Guru's Teachings, you shall be enlightened; remain absorbed in the Love of the True Lord.
Death does not go there; your light shall merge with the Light. ||6||
You are my Best Friend; You are All-knowing. You are the One who unites us with Yourself.
Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, we praise You; You have no end or limitation.
Death does not reach that place, where the Infinite Word of the Guru's Shabad resounds. ||7||
By the Hukam of His Command, all are created. By His Command, actions are performed.
By His Command, all are subject to death; by His Command, they merge in Truth.
O Nanak, whatever pleases His Will comes to pass. Nothing is in the hands of these beings. ||8||4||




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