The Amar Katha Of Bhagat Dhru Jee

From - by Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji

Dhru was born to the first wife of Raja Uttanpad. The king had two wives but he was most fond of the second one. Dhru had a step-brother from his step mother the second wife of the king. Since the king was more fond of Suruchi the second wife, Dhru and his mother Suniti stayed in one corner of the palace, seldom going to the main chambers of the palace.

When Dhru Bhagat was about 5 years old, he wandered off to the chamber of his father. There he saw his step brother sitting in the lap of his father. He longed for the love of his father and his father too loved him but he was hesitant in expressing his love in front of his second wife. Since she was not around at that time, Dhru Bhagat rushed forward to sit in his father’s lap. His father dandled and played with him. Right then, the villain, the second queen of the king walked in and was horrified to see the king playing with her step son – Dhru Bhagat. She was furious. She got hold of Bhagat jee by his arm and threw him on the ground. The impotent king, who was blinded by lust for his second wife, reluctantly kept quiet. The queen made a very heart-piercing statement:

“If you want to sit in your father’s lap, you must take birth from my womb”.

Dhru jee was greatly hurt. He started crying. He slowly walked out of the cabin towards his mother. The king helplessly watched his son’s plight. Dhru Bhagat came to his own quarters. As soon as he saw his mother, he dashed towards her and cried. His cry was so moving that his mother too started crying. Even a person with stone heart would have melted. She asked him what happened but he would not speak. After much cajoling and coaxing, Bhagat Dhru jee tearfully asked her:

“tu Sawaani hain ke Sarita” (O Mother, tell me that truth. Are you a queen or a maidservant)

Suniti (his mother) was taken aback. She asked him what had happened. He replied:

“I went to play with Pita jee but chhoti ma (step mom) told me that I could sit in my father’s lap only if I took birth from her womb. O Ma, am I not a son of Pita jee? Why did he keep quiet? Why are you never with Pita jee? Why do you live alone? Why doesn't Pita jee ever come to our chamber?”

All these questions perturbed and vexed Suniti. She did not know what to say. She started crying. Seeing her cry, Dhru Bhagat jee forgot about his pain and started calming her. Suniti finally said the truth very painfully:

“Sawaanit haan janam dee, Naam na bhagti Karam drideeta” (I am a maidservant in this life because I did not do Naam roopi Karam).

Bhagat Dhru jee was very surprised to hear this answer. He did not know anything about Bhagti. His mother explained to him that without Bhagti and without good karma, no one can be at places of power and happiness. She said that she must have lacked these karma in her previous life and now she is forced to live the life of a maidservant despite being a queen.

Dhru Bhagat was moved and at the same time he was greatly motivated. He knew the answer by now but still asked his mother:
“Kis uddam tey Raj Milai, Shatru tey sabh hovan meeta” (With what effort will I get Raj and how can I turn enemies into friends).

Suniti was a great woman. She gave the right lesson to her son and transformed him into a great Bhagat. Today, we need mothers like her who teach their children paath, simran and sewa instead of cheering their children when they dance at Filmy songs. She said, “Parmeshar Aradheeai, jidoo hoeeai Patit Puneeta” (Worship Parmeshar through whom sinners become pure).

This was enough for Dhru. He did not want to wait a minute now. He was greatly motivated to do Bhagti. He wanted to restore his mother to the spot she deserved and he wanted to bring back honour to himself. He had found a way and nothing was going to stop him now. Five year old Dhru walked out of his palace towards the forest. He did not know how to do bhagti but he had faith that Vaheguru will show him the way. Such faith is vital for a seeker of Vaheguru but no one can get this faith on their own. Vaheguru alone is the bestower of such faith to his chosen Bhagats.

So there he was, a five year old Dhru, amidst a dense jungle that was full of fierce animals like reptiles, snakes, lions etc. Sensing Dhru jee’s determination, he was blessed by Updesh or Naam by Narad Muni, who in turn was divinely inspired by Vaheguru himself. He was given Kirtam Naam since Satnaam had not appeared at that time. Satnaam appeared in Kalyug through Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee Maharaaj. Kirtam Naam too is powerful, just not as powerful as Satnaam.

Anyway, having received Naam from Narad Muni, Dhru started japping Naam with extreme determination and concentration. He was so absorbed in Naam that he became totally oblivious of wild animals wandering around. He didn’t even care for eating. He sat for hours in a stretch. He had only one aim – to please Vaheguru and get what he desired.

Within couple of days of his leaving the palace, his father felt really bad for how his son had been treated. He could not forget the gait of his son as he left after being hit and scolded by Surichi the step mom to Dhru Bhagat.

When the king found out that his son Dhru had left the palace to do bhagti he was deeply moved. He sent his officers to bring his son back. They reached Dhru and found him absorbed in Naam. They tried to bring him back but he refused. He did not want to come back. In the end, the king promised to give Dhru half of his kingdom immediately upon his return. Bhagat Dhru was very happy to hear this. He realized that with only one day of Naam Abhyaas he was getting half of his father’s kingdom, what would happen if he continued to japp Naam. He refused to go and told the officers not to bother him again.

The officers left and Bhagat Dhru changed his place of dwelling. He went deep in the jungle to practice austerities. He would eat only leaves and wild fruits whenever he felt hungry. Nearby there was a pond from where he drank water.

He went on for some time and nothing significant happened. Bhagat jee was fully determined to attain the darshan of Vaheguru. He stopped eating food and started relying only on water. He thought this would please Vaheguru. He became very weak. Then he gave up water too and started relying on air only. Even then he did not get darshan. Finally he gave up breathing also. He had done so only for few moments that the Earth and the sky shook. People in the world could not breathe. Calamities befell on the world. The balance in the world was shaken.

Finally, Dhru got darshan of Vaheguru, the form he knew and longed for – the Chatubhuji Darshan. It’s only after Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee that people found out about Nirgun Darshan. All his wishes were granted. He was given the Raj of the whole world. He ruled for numerous years. Everybody bowed before him. His honour was restored. Everyone had to bow before bhagti.

Kulbir Singh




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