The Birth Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

According to the Janam Sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji by Bhai Bala Ji, the written account of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birth is thus:

Guru Angad Dev Ji was holding his holy court.Many Sikh devotees were assembled in Guru Ji’s court. This included Sikhs like Bhai Boodeh and other Sikhs.

Bhai Pairha Mokha was the script for writing the Janam Patri of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He writes that on the auspicious occasaion of Pooranmashi or on the Full Moon of the month of Kattik in samvat 1526, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born into this world in the early hours of the morning at Rai Bhoe di Talwandi at the house of Father Kalu Bedi and Mother Tripta Ji.

As soon as Kalu Bedi found out the news of the birth of a son, He headed towards the home of the Family Hindu priest Pandit Hardyal Ji. Kalu Ji payed his respects to Hardyal Ji and Pandit Hardyal Ji was surprised as to why Kalu Ji had arrived before his doorstep so early in the morning. To which Kalu Told him that a son had been born unto him. Kalu Ji requested Pandit Hardyal Ji to come to his abode. Pandit Hardyal Ji agreed but after his morning prayers and offerings.

Later that morning, Pandit Hardyal Ji arrived at the doorstep of Kalu Ji and blessed him. Kalu Ji led Pandit Hardyal Ji into his home and arranged for special floor coverings. Upon which, Pandit Hardyal Ji was seated.

Pandit Hardyal Ji asked Kalu ji to recall the first utterings of the newborn.Kalu Ji told Pandit Hardyal Ji that his newborn son was born at around 1am in the morning but He was unaware of the childs first utterings. Therefore, Pandit Hardayal asked for the midwife responsible for the delivery of the newborn child Guru. Her name was Daulta Daee. She asked Kalu Ji, the reason for her summoning? Kalu Ji told Daulta Daee that Pandit Hardyal Ji needed to know the exact details of the childs birth.

The midwife told Pandit Hardayal Ji that She had delivered many children but the delivery of this newborn was unique indeed. She told Pandit Ji that the first utterings of the newborn were those of a wise man and that She was stunned!

Pandit Hardyal Ji was a wise scholar and he began to construct a horoscope for the Child Guru. He requested to have a glimpse of the newborn child. Mother Tripta Ji hesitated somewhat due to the cold winter weather. But Pandit Ji insisted that by holding the newborn child any bad omens would be cast away.

Kalu Ji wrapped his newborn son in warm clothes and handed the child Guru to Pandit Hardyal Ji. Pandit Hardyal Ji stood infront of the child Guru with folded hands. Then Kalu Ji handed the newborn child to his mother and requested Pandit Ji to choose a name for the child. To which pandit Ji replied that He would name the child and put on his first clothes after giving some thought to it.

After 13 days, Pandit Hardyal Ji dressed the child Guru in a fine dress and named him NANAK NIRANKARI. Kalu Ji argued that this name was common for both Hindus and Muslims.

To which Pandit Hardyal Ji replied: this child is no ordinary child but He is the greatest of all the incarnations and He will be worshipped by the whole universe as well as both Hindus and Muslims alike. There were many celebrations and rejoicings at the birth of Dhan Guru Nanak- ik toohee Nirankar.

Pandit Haardyal Ji told Kalu Ji, that a supreme incarnation has been born unto you. He will be matched by no other. The incarnations Shri Ram and Krishna have been worshipped by Hindus alone but your son shall be worshipped by Hindus and Muslims alike.

Guru Nanak will be known in the whole universe. Even the waters and land will give way to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He will propagate worship of God alone. Guru Nanak is a supreme incarnation and He will be worshipped and respected by the nine Naths, 84 Siddhs, 6 Jatis, 52 Birs, Jogis, ghosts and goblins, gods and goddesses, sages and munis, Pirs, prophets and all will obey the Supreme Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak is the Lord Almighty manifest and He has taken physical birth on this earth to save the people. These were the prophecies of Pandit Hardyal Ji, after which He returned home.

On hearing these prophecies, Kalu Ji was much happy and impressed and continued with the nurturing of his newborn son. Kalu Ji distributed food, cows to the poor. There was great rejoicing at the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The women congratulated Mata Tripta Ji and Mata Ji blessed them in return.

By: Gavinder Singh



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