The Love Guru Ji Has For His Sikhs

One day a group of Sikhs came from the west to be blessed with the holy darshan of Satguru Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, the king of kings, the saint of saints, and the protector of the weak. The Sikhs brought many offerings with them to present to their beloved Guru.

The group of Sikhs, had walked for many days and had arrived very late in the evening. They were very tired and hungry, as they had not rested or eaten properly in a long time. Guru Sahib knew this and he wanted to give his beloved sons and daughters langar.

The few Sikhs with Guru Sahib told him that langar had already been served, all the fires were extinguished and all the cooks had dispersed. They said that it even if they could be found, it would be very late to retire for rest after a second dinner had been prepared.

Guru Sahib then told his Sikhs not worry, as he had a room which was full of sweets of all kind, which he had collected for the marriage of his beloved daughter. He ordered that these sweets should be given to the jatha of Sikhs who had travelled many days and nights to come and see him.

The key to this room was kept by Guru Sahib's wife. When she heard he wanted to give the sikhs those sweets she refused to give him the keys or bestow the sweets on anyone till the bridegroom's party had first partaken of them.

Guru Sahib told Mata Ji to open the room many times, but each time she refused. Guru Sahib then said, 'My Sikhs are dearer to me than my life, Were they the first to taste the sweets, all obstacles to the marriage should be removed, but now the Muhammadans shall come and possess themselves of them. My Sikhs are like a garden. If its trees remain green they yield flowers, leaves, and wood for all purposes. Wherefore we should ever take care to foster Sikhs, and promote their comfort. From the days of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj down to my father the fifth Guru, Satguru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj it has ever been the practice to entertain five Sikhs, whenever anything of importance was to be done, and all efforts should therefore prove successful. When wandering Sikhs come to my house and go away disappointed, it is but a just requital that the sweets should fall to the Muhammadans, and the marriage be interrupted.'

The bystanders began to tremble. Guru Sahib would never let his beloved Sikhs go hungry. How could he? Those sikhs who he loved more than his life. At that same time, when Guru Sahib was telling the sangat what would happen in the coming months a gursikh came with five mans of sweets as a contribution to the marriage feast.

Guru Ji smiled at his beloved Sikh and embraced him. He then distributed the offering among the Sikhs who had come from the West, and thus enusred that those who came to the house of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj were fed.




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