The Power Of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Once the Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj was camping on a hill. Armies of the rajahs came to engage him in battle.

"Khalsa ji, go and fight the rajahs," ordered Guru Ji.

At the Guru's command the Khalsa proceeded to fight the rajahs. The rajahs, however, far outnumbered them and the Khalsa could not hold its own against them.

They sent a horseman to their beloved Guru with this report, "The Khalsa is retreating under pressure of the rajahs."

Maharaj at once took the bow and arrow in his hands, stood on his throne,touched the earth with his arrow on the four sides, and in a loud voice recited the sloka:

"Degh Tegh Fateh Bedrang Simrite Guru Nanak Fateh Guru Gobind Singh."

"Victory in battle, and prosperity; Concentrate on Guru Nanak, victory is with Guru Gobind Singh."

Reciting this he pulled the bow string with all his might and shot the arrow into the sky. The sky echoed and the mountain shuddered. All men standing on the hill fell to ground because of shuddering, and repeatedly beseeched Maharaj to protect them.

The hills shuddered for some time. Soon it was calm again. Guru Ji sent the horseman back to the Khalsa with the message, "Go and fight the rajahs without any fear. Victory will be yours." At this command and the blessings from their king the Khalsa pounced upon the rajahs, and crushed them.



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