The Power of Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji

In December of 1657, King Shah Jahan became very ill. He decided to make his eldest son, Dara Shikoh the new king. His younger son, Aurangzeb found out about this. He told his other brother Murad that Dara Shikoh should not be the king, instead Murad should become the king. He and Murad both teamed up and decided to attack their eldest brothers army.

Their combined armies faced Dara Shikoh’s army near Agra at Shamugarh where they won. On June 18, 1658 Aurangzeb had his father put in prison and then on July 31, 1658 he killed his brother Murad by poisoning him. So now Aurangzeb became the new king.

A year later, Aurangzeb had his eldest brother Dara Shikoh beheaded. He sent his on a platter to his father Shah Jahan who was in prison.

He had all three of his brothers killed just so that he could become the king. Not just that, he also killed two of his nephews and two of his own sons because he thought that one day they might try to take over his kingdom.

So we can see that Aurangzeb was a very evil minded individual. When he became king, he decided to destroy the Sikh religion. He sent a letter to Guru Har Rai Ji telling him to come to his court in Delhi. The Guru refused to go.

Seeing the Guru’s refusal, Aurangzeb ordered Khalil Khan, the governer of Lahore to capture the Guru. The governer sent Commander Zalim Khan along with an army of 10,000 soldiers to attack the Guru. Zalim Khan died from eating raw meat before he even reached the Guru. This forced the army to retreat.

Then they sent Doonde Khan to lead the army. When the army was still traveling, they stopped for the night near Kartarpur. During the night somebody killed him during his sleep, so the leaderless army retreated again.

The third time they sent Nahar Khan to attack the Guru. On the way, his army had an outbreak of cholera. Many of the soldiers fell prey to the epidemic. The soldiers that survived realized that each time they are forced to retreat because of the Guru’s power.

This is because when Guru Hargobind Saheb appointed Guru Har Rai as the guru, he had given him a boon. That boon was that anyone who tries to attack you will be destroyed before they even reach you. Everybody realized that these words were coming true.




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