When the Nangs took Control of Sri Akaal Takhat in 1920

By Bhai NaraiN Singh MA in Soora October 1988
Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org

This story is about some "Nihangs" or Nangs who supported anti-Sikh elements. There were and are many Gursikh Nihangs in the Panth like Baba Mitt Singh jee and Akali Kaur Singh jee, but many in the costume of Nihangs have in the past and continue today to attack the Panth and serve anti-Panthic interests. Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh jee and a big Jatha of Singhs and Singhnees, led by Bibi Joginder Kaur also drove out corrupt Nihangs/Nangs from Gurdwara Chamkaur Sahib.

This story begins after the Panth had taken control over Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib and the corrupt "pujaris" had run away. These pujaris refused to accept the Karah Parshaad of "low castes" and when a Jatha of Singhs came to offer Karah Parshaad with a former "low caste" a hukumnama was taken from Sree Guru Granth Saahib jee and the hukumnama clearly said that even the lowest were transformed by the Guru and Sikhi had no place for caste. The Pujaris then ran away from the Takhat and abandoned their posts. This historic day was October 12, 1920. The story begins here:


The Pujaris of Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib brought the "Nihangs" who were staying at Burj Baba Phoola Singh jee 5 goats, 5 sacks of sugar, almonds, flour and other supplies. They collected the Nihangs together and with folded hands said "Nihang Singh jee! Sree Akaal Takhat belongs to the Nihangs, you are its caretaker. Look! The Mallechh (impure) Khalsa, those Singh Sabbhias, have taken it over. You prepare yourselves, and we'll give the control of the Takhat to you.

At that time, the Nihangs had taken Sukha (cannibis drink) and were fully intoxicated. The Pujari's proposal was immediately accepted. Jathedar Sahib Singh jee Nihang ordered, "We'll slaughter the goats in the morning, now we should get ready to take over Sree Akaal Takhat".

At 12pm, a group of 50 Nihangs arrived at Sree Akaal Takhat Sahib and sat down there. Jathedar Kartar Singh jee Jhabbar was in Bazaar Mai Sevaa(n) and was told that the Nihangs had now taken control of the Takhat. Jathedar Jhabbar was preparing to leave for Panja Sahib but had to change his plans. He went and stood under the balcony in front of Sree Akaal Takhat Saahib. A Nihang saw him and called out "Bhai Kartar Singh Jhabbar! You're a Jathedar (so I'll talk to you). My name is Gopal Singh Giani. I'm the secretary for the Nihang Jatha. We've thrown you out of here (the Takhat) and taken control."

Jhabbar replied, "Sree Nihang Singh jee! You shouldn’t' challenge other Singhs like this. You stay put and I'll be back soon."

A Jatha of Akalis was coming at that time near the Bunga of Maanaavalay. Bhai Teja Singh Bhuchhar was accompanying it as well. Jhabbar stopped this Jatha and told them what had happened and explained that they should wait before taking action as ther were a lot of Nihangs and another Jatha of Akalis was coming. Soon, the Dhoori vala Malvai Jatha under Gajjan Singh also arrived. Jathedar Jhabbar stopped the Jatha by Laichi Ber and explained that the Nihangs were also Singhs and brothers so they shouldn't be attacked. First they should be talked too and have the situation explained.

Jathedar Jhabbar went before the Takhat and called out, "Nihang Singh jee! The management of the Takhat is now in the hands of the Panth. Please leave." The Nihangs however were intoxicated with Sukha and ignored these words. Jathedar Jhabbar tried to make them understand but they would not listen. They instead began to speak insulting words in return.

Jathedar Jhabbar then stepped back and motioned towards his Jatha. At this, the Khalsa, like lions arrived at the Takhat. They grabbed the Nihangs and threw them down. In the Malvai Jatha, there was an 18 year old daughter of a Subedar, Bibi Bhajan Kaur who was badly beating the Nihangs and was throwing them down. The Bibi grabbed one Nihang and was dragging him by the leg but Jathedar Jhabbar released him. The Bibi, who had a staff in her hands, then went and struck at Jathdar Sahib Singh and attacked him. Finally, two Singhs had to hold this Bibi back and prevent her from attacking even more.

Many Nihangs ran away and the rest were surrounded. Hearing all the commotion, a lot of Singhs from the city also arrived. One Singh suggested that the Nihangs be handed over to the police. Another Singh brought a piece of paper and said to Jathedar Sahib Singh, "write on this paper that you've made a mistake and the Panth should forgive you. Then put your thumbprint on it and we'll let you go." Jathedar Sahib Singh put his thumbprint on the paper and the Nihangs were forgiven. Later it was found out that Giani Gopal Singh, the one who had challenged the Singhs had run away from a back door. The Singhs from the city brought some carts and the Nihangs were put on them and taken back to ChhaoNee Burj Baba Phoola Singh. (Taken from the book "Kartar Singh Jhabbar")




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