Young Bhai Jetha

As Bhai Jetha, grew up he used to go and visit the society of holy men. He would give them whatever he recieved from his parents. His parents, wanted him to turn to some occupation for his livelihood, but this was not his own intention.

Near to Bhai Jetha's house, there lived a poor man, who made his living by selling boiled pulse. At this man's suggestion Bhai Jetha's Mother, boiled some pulse and placed the boiled pulses in a basket, and gave it to Bhai Jetha to sell, at the market so that he might do something profitable.

An ordinary person would have taken the pulse to the bazars and streets for sale, but Bhai Jetha went off with his basket to the river Ravi and there he sat down.

He soon saw a company of holy men coming towards him from the opposite side, and he waited until thy had bathed and emerged from the river. They were very hungry and had not eaten in days. They saw Bhai Jetha sitting down with his basket and asked him if he had any food he could give them. They told Bhai Jetha that what was given in the name of the Lord, Akal Purakh, would fructify a thousandfold, and that Akal Purakh would bless his earnings.

Bhai Jetha gave them the whole contents of his basket and then he went home. The holy men were very pleased, and prayed that Waheguru would reward the boy for his compassionate and timely gift.

Dhan Dhan Satguru Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj, the king of kings and the saint of saints.




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