Rani Sada Kaur Ji
When Kabul's ruler, Badshah Jamaan, was convinced of continued his inability to rule Punjab, he sent a secret message suggesting Ranjit Singh to assume control of Lahore. The Lahore residents too were fed-up with continuously changing rulers with every sunrise. So when they learned of Shah Jamaan's message, they too sent a message asking Ranjit Singh to take control of Lahore.

Ranjit Singh was in Ram Nagar when he received both messages, from Kabuls Badshah as well as the Lahore residents. He was being offered the throne of Lahore. Accepting this offer was in no way as easy as it sounded. Neither the Lahore residents had organized any militia for Ranjit Singh's support and nor had Kabuls Badshah offered any military help. Ranjit Singh's own force weren't enough for the task. Besides, the Bhangs and Ramgahria Sardars were his sworn enemies. As such the acceptance of this tempting offer wasn't easy. And Ranjit Singh couldn't required good advice.

Very few people know that Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Raj came about with great support from his mother-in-law, Rani Sada Kaur Walia of Batala. Having received messages from Shah Jamaan and Lahore residents, Ranjit Singh immediately left Ram Nagar and reached Batala.

After greeting his mother-in-law with "Jo Bolahe So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal," he respectfully touched her feet. Rani Sada Kaur instantaneously moved forward to hug him and lovingly fondled his head.

Immediately, both were engrossed in conversation. Ranjit Singh explaining the whole situation and asked, "Matta Ji! Tell me, what should be done now?"

"What have you thought?" Asked Sada Kaur in response.

"Just to proceed, attack and capture Lahore." Ranjit Singh answered.

"How much force do you have with you?" Sada Kaur inquired once again.

"Oh, some 3500 soldiers."

"And here we have some 2000. So, say 5000 in total."


"Then, Biba, are you expecting to attack and successfully capture Lahore with this force?"

Sada Kaur's question was life-changing to Ranjit Singh. Lahore was under the control of three Sardars. Amritsar was under control of his archenemy Ramgahria and Bhangi. If he was to announce his attack and leave Batala with a force of 5000, he wouldn't reach Lahore, leave aside capture it.

Observing Ranjit Singh in deep thoughts, Sada Kaur said, "Yes, there is a way to success; No one should learn anything prior to your arrival in Lahore." Sada Kaur explained

Forces were given orders to advance. But when the commanders inquired "Sardar, Where to?"

"To bathe at Amritsar." Responded Sada Kaur.

The news spread all over like wildfire that Rani Sada Kaur, accompanied by her son-in-law, is going to bathe at Amritsar.

The whole party left Batala in the afternoon and reached Sri Darbar Sahib by the evening. Everyone bathed in the sacred pool, paid homage, and the camped just outside the city. Now Rani Sada summoned all the commanders for a meeting and explained her strategy. It was midnight by the time her meeting ended. Immediately, the horses were saddled and the party was on the move. By sunrise, Ranjit Singh accompanied by her mother-in-law and 5000 soldiers reached the Lahore gates and established a cantonment in Nawab Wajir Khan's territory. He managed to sneak into Lahore without anyone's knowledge. This was a result of Sada Kaur's strategy.

Noticing Ranjit Singh, the Lahore rulers sent some forces to defend. But these forces did not engage in any battle. Why not? This was the magic of Sada Kaur's strategy that had its intended impact. Sada Kaur successfully negotiated surrender and offered them employment upon taking control of Lahore.

The Lahore residents kept their word. They opened the gates of Lahore entrances. Ranjit Singh entered Lahore, without a single bullet ever gracing anyone or anything. Two Sardars ran away while the third raised rebellion from the fort.

Ranjit Singh's force immediately seized the Fort. But they had no canons. So the soldiers started firing from their trenches. Firing at the fort was like firing at a mountain. What effect could bullets have on a mountain? Mughal rulers had diligently built an extremely strong and defendable fort. Still, his troops were having affect on enemy numbers, but to gain access to the fort itself remained a problem. He again seeked Sada Kaur's advice. She told him, "Are you convinced that the fort can be captured with bullets? Aren't You wasting ammunition?"

Ranjit Singh gave the order to stop firing; so was he convinced of his mother-in-laws wisdom. Brave Sada Kaur raised a white flag, came out of her trench, and moved towards the fort. She found Chaet Singh's emissary waiting for her at the forts gate.

She said, "I want to see Chaet Singh."

"Who are you?" Chaet Singh's emissary questioned.

"I am Rani Sada Kaur from Batala. I want to meet with Chaet Singh for his own benefit."

The emissary left and returned after a short duration. He announced, "Sardar is only prepared to talk inside the fort."

"Doesn't matter, I can come inside. To me, Chaet Singh is same as my son, Ranjit Singh." Saying this Rani followed the emissary inside the fort. Chaet Singh was a distant relative too.

Entering the fort, Sada Kaur immediately accesses the situation. The fort was appeared to be rapidly deteriorating.

Upon meeting Chaet Singh, she said, "Biba! I have come for your sake. I don't wish you any harm."

Chaet Singh was already concerned and her words further scared him. He didn't know what disaster was awaiting him.

"Ranjit Singh is entrenched and is ready to begin his final attack. With great difficulty, I managed to convince him to stop firing. His fate is shining while his destiny is around the corner. All Sardars have accepted his conditions. You don't have enough strength to face him. Consider, you may be killed." Rani Sada Kaur explained.

"If I am to die, then why not die like a brave solider?" Chaet Singh responded.

"There is no need to die. After all you have children. If I desired death for you, why would I come this far? I have come to save you." Sada Kaur answered.

She repeated once again "Biba! Leave the fort. This will not only save you and your family's life but I will take personal responsibility for your continued sustainment."

Sada Kaur's words hit the right target. Chaet Singh agreed to leave the fort. After two hours, he accompanied Sada Kaur into Ranjit Singh's tent and deposited the keys to the Lahore fort. As per her agreement, Rani Sada Kaur ensured that Chaet Singh got his Jagir in compensation. The fort was under Ranjit Singh's control now while the Kesri flag fluttered over it. Without Sada Kaur's brave and wise moves, the fort couldn't have so easily been captured and that too in such a short time. Having captured the fort, Ranjit Singh now controlled Lahore. All gates to the city were ordered shut and the fort was reinforced with canyons and prepared to defend against any possible attack. In the meantime, news reached that Jodh Singh Ramgahria, Gulab Singh Bhangi, Sahib Singh Bhangi, Nijaam Deen Ksuriya and numerous other Sardars with heavy forces had camped in the fields of Baseen. They were awaiting additional reinforcements and planned to attack Lahore.

Ranjit Singh was a brave & just Singh, even after the victory at Lahore, he didn't allow his forces to loot the town, despite growing wage-demands. His treasury was in Sialkot, which was inaccessible due to blockage by enemy forces. As a result fetching anything from the treasury was almost impossible and out of question. Again, Sada Kaur proved useful as she found an old man that knew the location of Meer Manus buried treasures, his worries transformed into happiness. Sada Kaur had spent the whole day trying to find him. Sada Kaur had proved instrumental & so, with deep respect, he touched his mother-in-laws feet and expressed gratitude to VaahGuru.

Based on the old man's instruction, a corner of the fort was dug up where Meer Manus hidden treasure, worth crores of Rupees, was discovered. This solved Ranjit Singh's immediate problem. Soldiers were not only paid all their salaries in arrears but also given two months advance. Digging yet another place based on the old mans instructions, yielded a huge stock of arms and ammunition. The old man was honored with priceless gifts, then Ranjit Singh turned his attention to defensive preparations against the pending enemy attack.

Sada Kaur accompanied Ranjit Singh in the battle of Baseen. It was her military genius that helped result in a large number of enemy forces joining Ranjit Singh. Now Ranjit Singh re-entered Lahore with resounding echoes of battle victory.

Now he was in full control of Lahore and faced no immediate threat. Sada Kaur, having positioned her son- in-law on the Lahore throne as the new Maharaja, prepared for her return to Batala. Ranjit Singh accompanied her. He considered her like a Wise, Intelligent Guru; that helped teach him how Rajs are won & lost & how to preserve his kingdom for his lifetime.

Rani Sada Kaur Ji; Wisdom & Genius





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