Warrior Princess
by Sukhmander Kaur

I am a Princess, I wear a Crown
Don't let my Keshes go tumbling down
Instead i keep them neatly wound
Inside, beneath, my Keski, bound

I am a Princess, I let it show
I want everyone to know
I am daughter of a King, and so
I let 'each' one of my Keshes grow

I am a Princess, I live in His Grace
Fresh and clean without a 'common' trace
I don't 'make up', cut, bleach, or paste
I'm not a phoney, I have an 'honest face'

I am a Princess, as royalty, I wear Bana
With my breath do Simran, read BaNee, learn Kathaa
My hands help with Langar, do shoe Seva
My hearts home is in my Fathers Castle, His Gurudwara

I am a Princess, I keep Panj Kakar
Precious gifts from Five Beloved Sevadar
Weapons to help me fight 5 enemies, win the 'world' war
I am a Warrior Princess, my name is Kaur





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